IMPORTANT: These are not sim rules. These are roleplayed laws in Stormstead territory, breaking these laws will not result in getting banned or any other admin retaliation. Laws are meant to be broken, it provides exciting roleplay for many, but your character must be prepared for the consequences of breaking laws in character.  Know that the punishments may be roleplaying out a stay in jail, the stocks, hard labor punishment or other typical sentences for medieval time. We will NOT roleplay killing your character by force, or force you to undergo execution or torture roleplay unless you specifically want to and it is warranted by your crimes. Please be aware, any criminal type roleplay may have to face the consequences of their crimes and actions. We encourage evil and unlawful characters to break these laws and not be afraid to roleplay out convictions and sentences.

Keep in mind however that sim rules still apply to gaining OOC consent!

These laws apply to any standing within Stormstead territory. Anyone who is found breaking any laws will be convicted and put on trial  and must serve out their sentencing.

Crimes Against Person:

I. Assault is the act of forcefully causing harm, including inflicting excruciating pain, permanent deformity, or other anguishes of body or mind to another sentient being through means of physical, sexual, object, magic or psionic ability.

The punishment of assault is determined by trial.

II. Extortion is obtaining something, such as goods, services or money through the use of force or threats.

Punishment for extortion against citizens is flagellation, prison, or chosen by the Guard Captain.

III. Killing of a sentient being:

a. Murder is a deliberate and premeditated malicious killing of another.

The punishment for murder is determined by trial, resulting in the most severe of punishments and may result in execution.

b. Manslaughter is the unpremeditated killing of another. A crime committed on the spot without aforethought.

The punishment for manslaughter is determined by trial, and may result in a execution.

c. Accidental/Involuntary Manslaughter is the incidental murdering of another without malice aforethought (an absence of intention).

The punishment for accidental and involuntary manslaughter is determined by trial, but often does not result in an execution.

Crimes Against Property:

I. Bribery is the act of promising to offer goods or services to illegally procure a service or gain influence.

The punishment for bribery is flagellation, prison, or chosen by Guard Captain.

II. Smuggling is the act of illegally transporting goods in and out of Stormstead.

The punishment for smuggling is the impounding of any ships and goods and either flagellation or prison.

III. Theft is the act of stealing that which one does not own.

(Player must obtain OOC consent first before thefting from a place of business.)

Minor theft, such as stealing an apple from a merchant cart is punishable by a prison sentence. The act of grand theft such as stealing from the Governor or his council is punishable by the loss of a hand.  Punishment may pend trial.

IV. Vandalism is the malicious, intentional harming of any buildings or other property within the village of Stormstead.

(Player must obtain OOC consent first before vandalising a place of business.)

The punishment is recompense for all losses and damages by material cost, and forced labor determined by the Guard Captain and the businesses directly affected.

Crimes Against the Faction:

I. Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more individuals to commit a crime at some point in the future, especially crimes against the Governor, those important to them, or their council.

The punishment for conspiracy will be determined by trial and depend upon the severity of the intended crime.

II. High Treason is the act of criminal disloyalty to the Governor, such as participating in a war against the faction, attempting to overthrow the Governor, spying on their military or diplomats, or attempting to kill the Governor or  those important to him.

The punishment will be determined by trial.

III. Lesser Treason is the act of criminal disloyalty to the Council. This includes spying, raising arms against, or attempting to overthrow a member of the council.

The punishment will be determined by trial.

IV. Sedition is the criminal act of rebellion through violence, open resistance, and defiance against the Governor and his Council.

The punishment will be determined by trial.

V. Treachery is the criminal act by a party or parties that are not citizens of Stormstead to commit crimes of espionage, including attempted murders of council members, or attempting to overthrow the Governor.

The punishment will be determined by trial.


I. Enslavement is the act of forcing any sentient being to be considered legal property, and explicitly outlawed within Stormstead territory. Those forced into such within the village are hereby freed. Slaves brought into the territory of Stormstead are protected and subject to the Governor's law so long as they remain within the territory.

The punishment for those actively participating in slavery within the village is flagellation, prison, or chose by the Guard Captain.

II. Obstruction of Law is the act of attempting to hinder the discovery, apprehension, conviction, or punishment of anyone who has committed a crime.

The punishment for obstruction will be determined by trial and depend upon the severity of the committed crime.

Lesser Crimes:

I. Indecent Exposure is the act of bearing genitals within a public setting, except within the bath house.

The punishment for indecent exposure is a fine, prison, or choosing of the Guard Captain.

II. Slander is the use of false, derisive, or malicious statements that harm the reputation of the Governor or councilmen.

The punishment for slander is a night in prison and the submission of a formal apology in the Tribune.

Additional Notes:

I. Flagellation and Imprisonment are punishments that are interchangeable in all laws that have the word 'or' between them.

II. How many lashings someone receives, or how long they spend within the jail are  specifically not mentioned. The exact lashings and days in prison are something to be determined by the arresting Guard.

Arrest and Jailing Procedures:

Please keep in mind that your character is not being arrested and jailed because we don't like you! This is part of roleplay and it's not an OOC punishment, it's an in-character scenario. If you don't consent to your characters' arrest oocly, notify the guard you're roleplaying with. OOC consent must still be obtained prior to the sentencing of punishments. Please do not commit crimes if your not willing to face consequences for your actions in /some way/. Accepting consequences for your actions is part of the fun! We seek to create good storyline progression.

Please feel free to suggest fair and just punishment for your crime.

There are a number of things to note when your character is arrested in roleplay:

1) Your character can send a note through the guards. Just like in jail you can write letters and hand them over to someone to have them sent. You must also OOCly give the guard a notecard of what was written. Guards check all outgoing and incoming mail. However, special languages/runes might not be able to be read. Please specify this as well, and the guard has the option to deny a letter sent if it appears to be plotting nefarious activity, or have hidden secret messages. Privacy is neither a right nor a privilege in jail.

2) Your character can have visitors during visitor hours, however your visitor might also be patted down and searched for security purposes. Alternatively, if you want a visitor, send a carrier parrot/message OR send a message OOCly in the main Mysts of Eyr group may help the player obtain some roleplay time to curb the boredom that entails with Jail RP. Example: “Someone’s in Jail. Available to roleplay”. (see point one!).

3) If a guard orders your character to turn out all his/her pockets, frisks him/her, or strip-searches, you must OOCly notify the guard of all items on your character that would be found. You can do that in IM's or notecard, and detail everything from a few hair pins to weapons and items of value. ICly -- it's up to the guards to determine how much is found and how much is overlooked, like for instance a hair pin.  While you can OOCly choose to not consent to a strip-search or pat-down, please keep in mind that with criminal actions comes IC consequences.

4) Your character's jail/stockade sentence can vary anywhere from 1 hour to 3 days (Exceeding no greater than 72 hours from the time of the arrest). There is plenty of RP to be had in a jailhouse, from sending scrolls, having visitors, talking to your neighbor jailmate (if there are any), or RPing with guards. However, if the guard house is totally empty for a length of time or by request, your character can be moved to the stocks (one can be set out for you).  You CANNOT voluntarily teleport your character to do the stocks if there are still people around, roleplaying with you.  If you want to move and there are guards present, tell them OOCly so they can escort you.  The heavy chains and locks on stocks are near-unbreakable -- and you must notify the guard leader or Stormstead Council/Governor if you will be attempting a breakout (notifying Admin should be a last resort if there are none others around)-- and have a roleplay log of it. Should you get caught in the public eye attempting such, the sentence will be extended.

5) Even in crimes that do not require trial to determine punishment, every jailed character has a right to trial if they wish to expunge their name from a crime.  However, it is not a modern trial based on forensic evidence -- it's a crude medieval trial and as such, rudimentary evidence, guard testimony, and public witnesses will determine your fate. If found to be guilty as charged, your character face greater repercussions than previously facing - with OOC consent, of course.

6)  The way that one guard treats you is not always the same as another.  One guard may be gentle, deferential, and might even cut you some slack, whereas another might be overly strict -- this is just like in real life.  Don't expect each individual to treat you the same.

And as always, if you have any issues, please contact the Guard Lead, Stormstead Council or Stormstead Lead!