When you unlock achievements in Eyr, you can earn tokens. Achievements are positive actions that benefit character growth, grow you as a player, help out other players and benefit the sim. All of the actions below can earn you tokens and help make Eyr a better place to roleplay. There are many fun and exciting ways to unlock achievements and earn tokens; some ways simpler than others, yet each are designed to encourage players to contribute and support the Eyr community both in and out of character. By doing so, you will earn special items and privileges that can only enhance RP further!

Check the list below for current Achievements to unlock, paying attention to the conditions bound to each. The list will be reviewed with potential updates as needed, and we are open to fresh ideas on new achievements! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact an admin.

Once you have completed an Eyr achievement, you can apply to receive your token(s) via the official MoE Player Token Request Form.

If you are a leader and wish to do a special services nomination, you may do so via the official MoE Lead Token Nomination Form.

Evidence of achievement completion may be required where applicable. Where chat logs are concerned, date stamps must be provided!


1. Submit a Completed Character Sheet!

Let the team know about your character, how they got here, what inventory items have been brought into the Mysts of Eyr along with skills and traits! The application must be kept plausible. Skills should match the character’s age in terms of mastery and main strength, while other skills should be adjusted accordingly. If you have already submitted a character sheet via our website, then you may submit an updated version! Character sheet tokens are CAPPED at 3 per player. You may not pool character sheets across your alt accounts to farm the system.

The MoE Character Sheet can be found HERE.

token Token Unlocked - Submission of a fully completed Eyr Character Sheet is required. The character sheet must comply with Eyr rules and sim-lore to qualify for token reward. Any issues flagged will be discussed with one of the admin team to help bring the character sheet in line.

2. Attend Three Eyr-Hosted Classes!

Have you ever been to ‘Ask an Admin Q&A', 'Magic in Role Play', or maybe 'Combat 101'? If not, then this is surely a way for you to earn a token! Participation is required, that means demonstrating, asking questions and contributing to the discussion. Showing up and generating OOC / joking banter does not qualify, if it's apparent you are token farming you will not earn tokens. We have a growing choice of classes that usually take place at The Rock, so be sure to check notice/calendar details or refer to the events board in the Landing Zone.

token Token Unlocked - Logs of attendance and -participation- in minimum of three different Eyr-hosted classes is required. Each class subject may only count once. Eligible class attendance is counted per player NOT per account/character.


3. Master a Topic! Host an Eyr Class!

Host an OOC Eyr Class! Players often look to attend classes to help themselves get better acquainted with sim lore, rules, and ways to adapt their RP to suit a particular theme or subject. You can help facilitate this! You can either teach from a selection of the pre-approved Eyr class scripts OR choose a new subject and write up a script (i.e. How to play an Elf Kid, How Consent in Eyr Works, or any other non-existing topic), working in conjunction with your group leaders/mentors/the admin team where appropriate.

token Token Unlocked - Hosting of two, one-hour minimum classes required. The class -must- be relevant to Eyr RP, Rules, Lore, Races, Dice, Combat and Magic, gain a slot on the event calendar and it's script must be approved by the Admin team prior to hosting.


4. Serve as a Mentor!

Becoming a Mentor is one of the biggest ways that you as a player can contribute more to the sim in a “behind the scenes” aspect. Mentors are held to high standards, in high regard and are a very important part of Eyr! They are well versed in our general sim rules, policies and all information that can be found on the website in order to better help those who wish to roleplay with us. They are our front line for players with questions, those who wish to get started in roleplay or those who just need general non-admin related assistance!
This is an ‘applied for’ role and chosen by the Admin Team. You can find the MoE Mentor application here.

token Token Unlocked - Successful application and appointment required. Continued active service is a must! One token shall be awarded for every completed month of active service. Participation in Mentor Slack group is required.


5. Serve as a Leader!

Becoming a Leader is a demanding yet highly rewarding way that you as a player can contribute both to the Eyr community! Whether representing factions, race tribes, disciplines or businesses, leaders are the greatest support network the sim has; without them stepping up to the plate of IC ruling and OOC representation of their groups, the sim simply could not function.

Please note, this is also an ‘applied for’ role and chosen by the Admin Team. For more information on becoming a Eyr Leader, click here. For current open leadership positions, refer here.

token Token Unlocked - Successful application and appointment required. Those who have adopted race tribes are also eligible though leaders of player-created (non-official) groups are not. Continued active service is a must! One token shall be awarded for every completed month of active service. Participation in Leaders Slack group is required.


Contribute to Eyr’s Groups!


6. Join a Faction!

Successfully apply and be ICly accepted into one of Eyr's official Factions. Find a home in one of our Faction territories within Eyr, and further your storyline by fitting in with a likeminded community of similar culture and/or political goals.

Current Factions are: Moei Aising, Ebon Reach, and Kuvari’s Deep. For more information on these and faction mechanics in general, please refer to the website HERE.

token Token Unlocked - There must be a minimum of two weeks’ worth of active Role Play, and an introductory scene to establish IC acceptance into the faction - this is usually RPed out between the player and faction lead (or nominated deputy). Faction leaders will be contacted upon token request to verify entitlement. Please note that only one token can be earned per character, per one faction, i.e. if you've two Stormstead devotee characters, you the player can only earn one token for joining Stormstead Village.


7. Get an IC Eyr Job!

Successfully apply and be hired for employment within one of Eyr’s many IC official businesses or disciplines. Play the part of a dedicated worker or member, and become involved in the day to day trade of the realm by engaging others to help expand their stories within your place of employment and help make it a success! For a list of all our IC employment or skills-based opportunities, please refer to our ‘Getting Involved’ article here.

token Token Unlocked - There must be a minimum of two weeks’ worth of active Role Play for your chosen business or discipline to earn a one-time token. A minimum of three employment/performance/training work RP logs will be required as well as confirmation from the group lead. Please note that only one token can be earned per player, per business/discipline. If your character however, successfully holds two jobs in different businesses, then they may be eligible to claim for both.


8. Reach the High Ranks!

Successfully reach the higher tiers of your official faction, business, race tribe or discipline ranking system (typically manager, second in command, physician, lieutenant, and other esteemed group roles) by showing dedication, reliability and activity. Entry and mid-level ranks do not apply and the faction, business or discipline must be one of Eyr's official groups. Not sure how to rank up? Speak to your leader for tasks and responsibilities.

token Token Unlocked - Successfully reach the most deputy or esteemed ranks within your official faction, business, race tribe or discipline. Leads determine those ranks applicable and will need to verify appointment.


9. Host an Event!

Become an integral part in banding your faction, race, discipline group, or business group together by hosting an event (with the help of your group leader/buddy admin), co-hosting an event already scheduled, or by working out a plausible storyline with your group lead and set the story into motion and/or liaise with Eyr’s Event Manager. Official events may be specific to a particular race, group or alignment of character or open to the entire community; there is an option for you to designate who the event is intended for in the proposal. For more information on event hosting, refer to the event/storyline proposal guidelines found HERE.

token Token Unlocked - Proper channels of event planning and hosting, plus ample time for scheduling is a must to qualify. Co-host support is defined as OOC planning, decorating, assisting with IC hosting, helping prepare event elements ahead of time, or offering other significant OOC support.


10. Work at Business or Discipline Event

Supporting events as an employee can really help make them a success, providing interaction and fun for those attending. Check in with your business or discipline leader to find out when there may be events scheduled or even contribute event ideas of your own! 'Official events' are those that have gone through the event proposal system via the Eyr forums, have been approved, have reserved space on the calendar and would be included in the daily notices.

token Token Unlocked - Work at an event as an employee or 'representative' hosted by your official business/discipline group, remaining present and contributing toward each for a minimum of two hours (or the duration of the event if shorter). Attendance as a customer, client, or guest will not count. Time and contribution will be verified by the business or discipline lead. May only be rewarded once per month.


Make Your Mark!


11. Earn a Player Title!

A successful roleplay community is about more than storyline! Here in Eyr we strive to actively seek out and nurture talent, loyalty and entertainment enabling skills! Earn your place amongst the honored by successful awarding of a player title! The more you contribute, the more esteemed your titles can become. Full details on the nomination and award criteria can be found HERE.

token Token Unlocked - Dependent upon successful nomination -and- awarding of the titles Renowned, Notorious and Prestigious. One token will be awarded to each player honored at each title level. 


12. Become an Eyr Journalist!

There is always something going on in Eyr that’s newsworthy! Whether reporting upon an attack, penning an interview with one admired, spreading some tasty gossip, or writing an informative and helpful era-suitable recipe guide, there are endless ideas and subject themes to consider!

Please submit all articles to the Rumor Mill lead or the admin team.

token Token Unlocked - Submit three high quality journalism articles for the Rumor Mill (minimum 300 words) and have them successfully published. Please gain OOC consent for published information where applicable. Limited to one token reward per month.


13. Become an Eyr Artist!

We all know that Eyr is a beautiful backdrop for all the drama that goes on in the jungle! Capture an Eyr moment by means of original artwork and see it published in the Rumor Mill or used in another official capacity such as usable cartography, lore documentation/illustration, or for advertising/decoration for events or the sim.

Please submit all artwork to the Rumor Mill lead (if applicable) or the admin team.

token Token Unlocked - Publication of minimum three approved, full perm pictures qualifies. May be published in the Rumor Mill, or used in official Eyr advertising, decoration, website or forum content or in an approved IC capacity. Artistic flair is required as a simple snapshot will not qualify! Artwork must be scanned or digital, and it must be original! Limited to one token per month.


14. Write an IC Diary!

We all love sharing stories! Bring extra life to your character by using the Eyr online forums to publish your character’s diary. It can be in any format - personal journal, verbal monolog, archived records etc - so long as a true reflection of events in their personal or shared story. The ‘Dear Diary’ forum can be found HERE.

token Token Unlocked - Minimum one diary entry per week for three weeks required. Diary entries must be minimum 75 words. Must not be used to metagame and OOC consent should be gained where applicable. Tokens will be rewarded monthly.


15. Become an NPC!

An NPC is a Non-Player-Character whose primary purpose is to provide entertainment, role-play, and/or target practice for the players on sim. They serve to enhance role-play by giving PCs (Player-Characters) a more realistic experience and immersive environment. Successfully apply and actively participate at an Eyr event - for example, play willing prey at the jungle hunt, fight fodder at the Ebon Reach Pit Fights, or even set-up and create a Boss Fight.

All NPCs MUST be applied for and approved using the official NPC Application along with a plausible and approved storyline to take part in.

Approved NPC Boss applications that are played by the NPC rules for a minimum of three RP hours shall be awarded two Tokens - it’s hard but satisfying work!

token Token Unlocked - Take part in an event or storyline on minimum two separate occasions by playing an approved NPC. Logs will need to be provided showing abiding of NPC rules and a minimum of one hour participation on each occasion.


16. Support your Community!

Have you gone above and beyond the call of duty? Have you burned the midnight oil with groups of other role-players in the community to come up with a brilliant idea or proposal, that has come to fruition? How about helping out your group through times where RL gets in the way? Have you DM’d a dungeon crawl? Helped write a welcome pack? Been a frequent and supportive contributor to the forums? Created helpful props/items for the Eyr community? In Eyr, we strive to recognise and reward such dedication!

token Token Unlocked - Self -documentation of your efforts must be submitted to the Admin team where they shall regularly review all submissions and judge on the most deserving. Tokens will be awarded on a monthly basis and announcements made to honor those deserving!


17. Special Services Nomination!

There will always be players who go above and beyond the call of duty in aiding their fellow group members and supporting their leaders. All admins and group leaders (whether faction, race, discipline or business) will have access to a MoE Leader Token Nomination Form where they highlight how a particular player or group of players has become deserving of special recognition.

token Token Unlocked - You must be nominated by your group leader to the Admin team where they shall regularly review all nominations and judge on the most deserving. Leaders can nominate up to three individual players within their group per month (or groups of player in special circumstances). Adopted Race Tribe leaders are entitled to nominate. Player-created (unofficial) group leaders and their members are not eligible at this time.


18. Upload 10 photos into our Flickr Page!

Do you like sharing your amazing photos on Flickr? That could count towards earning a Token! Upload 10 photos into our Flickr Page! The images should taken in Eyr, and should be about Eyr. 9 / 10 of the photos you upload should *not* be solely of your character - we encourage you to take photos of events, groupings / gatherings, interesting RPs, or something you think we should see!