Here at Eyr we are always looking for exciting, unique and innovative ways to reward players whilst boosting morale, showing support and encouraging the input and involvement of all our members. Back in Mystara, the creation of the Token Achievement system was a first for Roleplay in Second Life - a unique system enabling players to earn significant rewards and privileges in honor of their contributions to RP and support of the community. We are both pleased and excited to re-introduce the Token system to the Eyr community!

Important note: Tokens will never be achievable through Linden Dollar purchase nor will they be achievable through sim donations.

That sounds awesome! How does the system work?

The system works like prize strips in an arcade - where for every game you win, you get a strip you can spend on a prize. By playing lots of games and winning lots of strips you can save up for bigger and better prizes! In Eyr we have tokens and to win a token you must first unlock an achievement. The more achievements you unlock, the more tokens you win - the more tokens you have, the more rewards you can have or if save them up, the bigger prize you can claim!

So what are these Achievements and how can I unlock them?

Achievements are a collection of tasks and actions that help create RP, support the sim and generally benefit the Eyr Community both in and out of character!

There are many fun and exciting ways to unlock achievements and earn tokens; some ways simpler than others, yet each are designed to encourage players to contribute and support the Eyr community both in and out of character and by doing so, earn special items and privileges that can only enhance RP further!

Check the list HERE for current achievements to unlock, paying attention to the conditions bound to each. The list will be reviewed and updated regularly and we are open to fresh ideas on new achievements! Any questions or feedback feel free to contact an admin!

That sounds great! So what rewards can I spend my earned tokens on?

We have provided many exciting options to choose from! Check the list here for rewards you can purchase.

That list is inspired! How do I claim my tokens?

  • There is a simple process to follow in order to safely receive the tokens deserved for your successful achievements!
  • Ensure you have completed an achievement task entirely, meeting all the conditions laid out in the achievement terms and conditions - recording evidence wherever possible!
  • Complete the online Token Request Form available for all players to self-nominate where they feel they have successfully completed an achievement and unlocked access to tokens, with opportunity to present any supporting evidence where applicable.
  • Once per month, group leaders are also able to nominate up to three members of their group for special service nomination to acknowledge and reward those players they feel have most contributed/benefitted their group through a variety of mediums. Nominations are made via a separate Leader’s Token Nomination Form and will be reviewed by the admin team on a weekly basis.
  • Providing all the criteria is met, you will be passed over your official Eyr Token(s) by one of the designated Admins as soon as possible. Please note that time may be needed for the admin team to verify that all achievement conditions have been met before the token(s) can be awarded. If have not been contacted by an admin within 72 hours, please contact one of the team. Token awarding will ideally be done when you, the player, is online - this will help avoid 'lost or missing' tokens.

Quick! How do I spend my tokens and claim my rewards?

  • When you have enough tokens to spend upon the listed reward of your choice, simply complete the online Token Spend Request Form, ensuring you give all required information.
  • If successfully submitted the form will be delivered to the Eyr admin team and the request assigned to a specific admin equipped to deal with the request and they should contact you within the week to arrange collection of your tokens, check validity where needed and delivery/set up of your chosen reward!
  • Any remaining tokens you have can be spent on alternate rewards (can apply for multiple rewards upon the same request submission) or saved up to put toward future rewards.
  • Record of your token spending will be logged by the admin team.