Monoliths of Power: Fulcrums of Territory

MonolithMonoliths are a capture-and-hold game mechanic in Mysts of Eyr that allow for shifting territory between the four major factions: Moei Asing, Stormstead, Kuvari’s Deep, and Ebon Reach. Through a combination of roleplay and interacting with physical scripted objects, factions can capture and hold bases that will offer them strategic perks, such as access to choke points, access to unique resources, and dice bonuses. How Faction chose to police their territories once captured is entirely up to them.



Relics from the infamous reign of the magic-hungry Stone Giants, these monoliths are scattered across the jungles of Eyr. Each was strategically placed over a leyline convergence to use as energy syphons for grand displays of magical prowess.

Abandoned after the Giants’ fall and eventually buried beneath volcanic ash and debris, these floating crystal artifacts are tapped into ley lines and steeped in the magical essence of the jungle. These monoliths have been lost to all but oral tradition and tales but a Typhoon uncovers these remnants to be rediscovered by the inhabitants. Their fonts of power are only just a touch away from anyone who has the ambition to claim and tap them for their own just or unjust purposes.




There are 7 monoliths in Mysts of Eyr and each represent a valuable and/or strategic section of territory. Monoliths are only located in what is known as “contested lands”. Contested lands lie outside of the base territory for the factions (pictured right). No monoliths exist within official faction HQ’s. You can check the monolith status map in the sim entrance area to see where they are located and who currently holds them. Some monoliths may be difficult to capture, and may require cooperation of other races to secure (for example, a water location can benefit from merfolk cooperation).

The locations are:

  1. Kuvari River Bend
  2. High Lake Peak
  3. Underwater Sea Cave
  4. Mt. Ohm - Cliffside
  5. The Swamp
  6. The Cascade Pool
  7. Mt. Azifix Trailhead


  1. Faction Only.  Only a Faction can capture and hold a Monolith of Power.  Ebon Reach, Kuvari's Deep, Moei Asing, or Stormstead.  No other groups can claim.  

  2. Capture Monolith.  To capture a monolith, Requires 3 players of same faction with their faction group tag active. They must be within 10M range of the monolith and click it.  This is called attunement. Additionally, your attunement must remain uncontested for the span of 1 hour and each player is required to post 2X 'attunement posts."   

  3. 36-Hour Lockdown.  If a monolith is successfully captured, it is under a period of lockdown for 36 hours and cannot be claimed by any other faction. This is to prevent rapid-fire turnover of monoliths.

  4. Contested.  During the process of a capture, a monolith can be contested. What this means is that if your faction is in the process of holding the base for the 1 hour period, if a challenging faction comes in and manages to get a greater number of people to attune with the base, when the timer runs out, they will get claim over it.
    • For Example: if the Moei Asing are capturing a base with 5 people, and Ebon Reach turn up to capture the base with 7 people, they will (most likely) win.
  5. Defending Your Monolith.  Monoliths can be stolen from other factions at any time after the 36 hour lockdown is lifted. If your base is in the process of being stolen, you and your faction members have the chance to contest it.

  6. Attunement Range.  If at any time your avatar moves outside of the 10m range of the monolith, your avatar’s attunement will be lost and you must start over again. (Any other uninterrupted attuners will remain active).  This means you must return to within range and start your attunement posts again.

  7. You're too Far Away.  Monoliths are not capturable outside of the 10m range and will deliver a URL to this help page instead if clicked on.

  8. GMing the Capture.  Admins have the right to reset monoliths at any time for GMing purposes. They can set monoliths to any faction or to be neutral. This would only be done in instances where players broke the rules, for a storyline event, or script resetting issues.

  9. Area of Effect.  Spell-like abilities with an 'Area of Effect' cannot be used when capturing monoliths.  They will not work inside the 10M mark (magical anamoly).  However they can target those outside the 10M range area.
  10. Dice Roll Advantage. On a monolith base that is owned by a faction, that faction's ranking members will get a roll advantage anytime they are within 10m of the monolith. You must be ranked above the beginner/entry level of that Faction to qualify. Allies do not qualify for this bonus since they cannot achieve rank above the ally level. Player must be wearing Faction tag and be within 10 Meters! Roll advantage means the player will roll dice twice and take the higher result. This is an approximate 17% advantage to all dice combat. Essentially this means on any base your faction owns, you’ve got the dice advantage, anyone else attacking is up for a challenge.

  11. Majority of Monoliths. For the faction that holds the majority of monoliths, (at least 4 out of the 7 total monoliths), ranking faction members will get an across-the-board +10 dice bonus. Ranking members are all members above the entry-level rank. Allies do not qualify for this bonus since they cannot rank higher than the base level. The +10 is active in all dice rolls, regardless of proximity to monolith. This is a 10% advantage.

    Note: Dice bonuses within Eyr are not stackable. If your primary Faction is controlling 4 of the 7 Monoliths, if you are a ranking member, you would get an automatic +10 dice advantage. A ranking member is any member above base/entry/ally level. If you also have in your possession an Epic Dice Bonus, you can chose to use it other than the +10 advantage. But you can only apply one bonus at a time! Dice bonuses are not automatically calculated to the HUD, and players must state the bonus in their post, roll their dice, then manually add the +10 advantage.

  12. Script Resets/Timer Limitations.  Once initiation is launched and attunement phase begins (monolith timer script initiated), the scripts can only be rest by an admn.  It is not possible to simply pause the script.  So is best to have your logistics planned out before you start!  

  13. Only Two Factions can contest (be recognized) by the Monolith at a time.  If a third attempts to attune they will receive an hour message. This does not mean they cannot participate.  They may chose to assist their allies or influence the outcome however way they see to their benefit.

Usage Guidelines

  1. IT IS EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN to teleport faction members to a monolith to bolster numbers, and that also includes using group chat or IM’s OOCly to get people to come help. If you showed up to a monolith raid with too few numbers, too bad, that is on you to plan better ICly next time. We highly recommend that factions gather together as many in a raiding party as they can, and then in roleplay, work out a strategy for capture ahead of time. This might include extra members of the raiding party to scout, defend, and support. Factions who cheat will incur a penalty, such as losing additional monoliths they’ve claimed. Don’t cheat, don’t metagame, it isn’t worth it and your faction will not be pleased. Plan your raids well ICly!

  2. DICE are mandatory at all times to be used for Monolith capturing combat - no exceptions. Dice are included in the Mystara titler HUD dispensed at the sim entrance. No other brands of dice HUDs are permitted.

  3. VERY IMPORTANT: During the phase of attunement, where you and a minimum of 2 other players (requires three Faction members) click the monolith with your group tags active, you MUST ROLEPLAY a minimum of 2 posts of attunement. This can be roleplayed out quite freeform, and however you want to word it, but essentially you are placing your hand upon the monolith crystal and holding it, using mental concentration, for two rounds. Here is an example of an attunement post:
    • “Genna places her hand upon the smooth, glowing white crystal and closes her eyes, feeling a rush of energy surge through her, and she gasps softly as a greenish glow appears around her hand emanating from the crystal (Attunement Post #1 of 2).”
      On the next post round: “Genna concentrates heavily, her eyes closed and beads of sweat forming on her forehead as all the convictions and beliefs of the Moei Asing flow through her and attune with the crystal (Attunement Post #2 of 2).”
    • If two opposing faction members are both trying to attune, such as in the event of a contested monolith, they cannot engage in combat with each other without both leaving the 10m range of the monolith; they must otherwise be concentrating on that attunement. Often it is best if other members of your raiding party attack the opposition while you focus on attuning, as it is a fairly heavy penalty to get ‘knocked off’ and have to re-attune again later.

  4. Player Vulnerability During Attunement.  During this time when you are attuning, you are fairly helpless and a potential target. If your 2 attunement posts get interrupted in such a way that you could not keep your palm on the crystal (say you get bodyslammed by an orc) you must move out of the 10m range, resolve the conflict, and then start again with attunement if you wish. Essentially, you are either attuning or in combat, but not both. We do understand that this can make capture difficult, so your raiding party must use strategy to achieve this. Consider bringing additional people to tag-team if your attunement is interrupted, or outliers to defend your attuning raiders, scouts to divert them, or have your raiding party broken into two or even three waves of raiders.

  5. Be considerate when capturing monoliths.  You can actually incur negative consequences so you should be prepared for such.    If you are unsure about what the consequences may be, send your character to speak to their faction leader and discuss a raiding strategy (or speak with the group lead OOCly). Due to in-character politics, treaties and other such situations, sometimes it is NOT advisable to capture a monolith! This is just part of RP.

  6. Suggested Posting Time Limits.  No stalling or delays in post times!  This is a timed event. There is a suggested 5 minute post time limitation for each player.  This is a suggestion only.  Raid Leaders are free to change this as long as there is agreement between the parties.  You should also freel free to form a separate post order for those within attunement range and those outside of range.  Players attuning would be concentrating on attunement and any battles taking place outside of range 

  7. Misconduct Penalties.  If admins determine at any time that cheating, god moding, metagaming, or otherwise using lame, illegitimate tactics to capture a monolith has occurred, they reserve the right to reset or lock down a monolith and void the scene. ICly the monoliths will simply be considered to have ‘shut down due to a magical anomaly’.

  8. GMing a Raid. Admins can gladly GM a monolith capture scene and we are happy to help oversee your raids to ensure they go smoothly. Check the online status boards and page us, or if you have scheduled a raid in advance, let us know and we can try to be there to oversee the RP.