MoEHUDHelpA roleplay titler is a hovering label above your head that includes lines of descriptive text. The following is to serve as a reference for what information is appropriate to display and what information should be left out.

We use titlers to convey information or clues that should be used in roleplay but, because of the limitations of SL's visuals, cannot be readily observed through your avatar's appearance. The only information you should be offering is information that is immediately and obviously apparent to the senses, NOT information that is hidden or unable to be sensed.

Please note that there is a big difference between something that is hidden, or unable to be sensed, and something you want to casually omit so you can avoid consequences. If you play a character that SMELLS like a lycan, even in disguise, you should offer clues (either in a titler or in your roleplay)  to those with super olfactory senses -- or go buy a very strong perfume.  Omitting details about what others SHOULD be able to sense, because you want your character to avoid consequences, is not fair to others.


Good examples of RP titler information:


Visual clues can be provided for appearances that aren't easy to replicate with avatar appearance. Some players would make the argument that people should just roleplay this stuff out. However, re-typing one's limp or bruised face can be very repetitive for the typist. Additionally, providing clues in a titler can invite roleplay for shy and quiet types.

Good visual titler hints are:

  • Moves with a slight limp
  • Has a disease like rash / boils over the skin
  • Bruised, cut, etc.
  • Apparent age (due to avatar limitations, it's often not easy to show the apparent age, especially for mature or child characters, as many skins are created to look eternally 22.  Additionally, fantasy races may be hundreds of years old, but appear much younger. This is what "apparent" age is good for.


Olfactory clues can be provided when you wish for others to pick up on certain aspects of your character, especially those like vampires or lycans, who have a very acute sense of smell.  Please, avoid putting things like "smells like grass / rain / flowers / etc." unless the scent actually gives meaningful information.

Good olfactory clues are:

  • Smells like blood (hidden wound that can be smelled)
  • Smells like another person (just had relations with someone)
  • Smells like alcohol ( a clue that they are drunk)
  • Smells like Lycan Den (a clue they might be a lycan or have relations with one)
  • Smells like Dragonsbane (a clue they might have something illicit in their pockets)
  • Smells like a Drow Elf (a clue that human might be in a good disguise)


This one doesn't come into play very often and for most players it will be left out, as we generally don't go around licking eachother at random.


A brush against someone can tell a lot about them, and providing clues on the feel of a characters' body is often overlooked.

Some good physical clues are:

  • Is cold to the touch (vampires, undead, ice dragons)
  • Is hot to the touch (has a fever, or is a lycan in disguise)
  • Is trembling / tremoring (has neurological problems, is terrified, has a fever)


Putting a sound clue in your titler is especially helpful when you want to convey an accent without writing it phonetically, i.e. "can you not do that" in a thick scottish accent would be "gonnae no dae tha". Many people prefer to roleplay in clear english rather than phoeneticizing an accent. In this instance, sound cues are helpful.

Some good aural clues are:

  • Speaks with broken English
  • Has a Romanian accent
  • Coughing, hoarse wheezing voice
  • Is mute and cannot make a sound (very helpful to have in your titler, especially as silent bystanders are often seen as creeps)


In the case of supernatural creatures and beings inclined to the "6th sense", supernatural clues are helpful in tipping off super-sensers about your characters' aura, or abilities.

Some good supernatural clues are:

  • Exudes a feeling of creepiness (great for necromancers, psychopaths, undead, etc)
  • Has a reddish-purple aura (has meaning for those aura-reading types)
  • Exudes an unholy aura (a good clue that you're actually a demon in disguise)
  • Emits a feeling of calmness (good for angels, and divine clerics)
  • Is an identifiable telepath (a good clue for other telepaths to pick up on)
  • Can see spirits / sense the dead ( a great clue for ghosts to know who can see them)


Bad examples of RP titler information would be things that are plainly obvious already such as:

  • Is exceptionally beautiful and radiant (unless, of course, your avatar is ugly. Then by all means...)
  • Blonde with sapphire blue eyes
  • Tanned and handsome, stunning to the ladies
  • A male human
  • A young fae

Other bad examples of RP titler usage would be including Meta-gaming information or details that are NOT easily determined with the senses, such as:

  • Is carrying a hidden dagger
  • Possesses powerful spell magic
  • Knows Kung-Fu
  • Is 2 weeks pregnant
  • Is a master swordsman

Information that is superfluous, unnecessary, or just plain unhelpful would be:

  • Smells like grass and misty rain (unless your smell gives a clue that actually means something, most roleplayers don't care that you smell like fresh-cut grass)
  • Is 23 years old (remember, use apparent age if your SL avatar cannot adequately show the characters' age because of skin/shape constraints)
  • OOC rudeness or humor, i.e. "not in the mood for your godmoding bullshit"
  • Statistical info like your character's profession, armor class, school of magic, etc.

Additionally, you should not display meta-gaming information that reveals your secret identity such as:

  • Is a witch
  • Is a vampire
  • Is the queen of humans
  • Is a shapeshifter

If you are in disguise - simply put:

  • Disguised
  • Heavily cloaked
  • Identity very hard to determine


Lastly, if you have the ability or know-how to set your RP titler text to a darker color (dark blue, dark green, dark grey, black, dark purple, blood red), please do so. It makes the visual scene much less cluttered and people will have to cam in to see what your title says, and for those who are not interested, won't have to wade through a sea of paragraph-long hover titles.