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Greenskins Humans Merfolk   Mystfolk: Equine Folk     = Aquatic Races
Mystfolk: Fairies Mystfolk: Fauna Folk Mystfolk: Flora Folk Mystfolk: Nymphs   = Anthropomorphic Races
Mystfolk: Sidhe Miscellaneous   Approved Half-Breeds       = Half-Human Allowed
          = Native Race
          = Approved for Half-Mystfolk/ Half-Human



Anything not on the playable or application list.

  • Furries of ANY kind.
  • Neko of any kind (i.e. human form with animal parts stuck on like ears and tail)
  • Aliens, Sci-Fi, Time travelers, Robotic, Steampunk / Gears, Lovecraftian monsters
  • Creatures/Characters that are published/copywritten or Historical Figures. i.e. Sauron, Wolverine, Ezio, George Washington. This also includes close imitations of such.
  • Cartoonish characters or beasts.  No anime / chibi / cutesy looking avatars.  
  • Implausible Cross Breeds ( i.e. fairy-octopus, human-panda)
  • Massive, gigantic overpowered goliaths/leviathans/juggernauts. Macro avatars are used as NPCs only in Eyr unless you play a dragon. We define macro avatars as anything over 10 feet. Lycans, Minotaurs, Trolls and other such creatures can't exceed that height.





Any character which does not adhere to the approved races, lore, rules, or capabilities would be considered a custom character. Custom characters must be approved by admins and purchased with tokens before they can be played.

To learn more about Tokens, click HERE.

To complete the Custom Character Application (and to have it reviewed by the Admin Team), click HERE.



Important Note: The links to Wikipedia and D&D are for your character-building reference only. All Eyr rules and information in Eyr pages trump outside sources. This means: research your race carefully, always adhere to Eyr rules. If you are unsure of something, simply ask an admin.


Dwarves: Mysts of Eyr, Forgotten RealmsWikipedia



Elves: Mysts of Eyr, Forgotten Realms, Wikipedia



Genies: Mysts of EyrForgotten RealmsWikipedia



Gnomes: Mysts of Eyr, Forgotten Realms, Wikipedia



Greenskins: Mysts of Eyr





All of the following Myst of Eyr Merfolk subraces can shift into a Human Form and walk on land. No Shifters Application is required.



Mystfolk: Mysts of Eyr


  • Ipotane (Ippanthropos, horse satyr)
  • Pega-corn and Pega-corn-satyr
  • Pegasus and Pegasus-satyr
  • Pegasus-centaur (winged centaur, pega-taur)
  • Unicorns and Unicorn-satyr (demicorn)
  • Pega-centa-corns (winged, horned centaur)
  • Unicorn-centaur (horned centaur, uni-taur)


  • Atomies/ Pixies/ Sprites ༆: D&D 3.5Wikipedia (shifts sizes, no application required)


  • Demicorn ༆ 
  • Ipotane ༆ : (can be pegasus ipotanes, unicorn ipotanes(demicorns), or normal ipotanes) Wikipedia
  • Kelpie: (limited to horse avatars) Wikipedia


  • Tinderlings (currently, only Cerridwen's Cauldron avatars are preapproved. If you have another avatar you'd like to use, see an admin for approval)
  • Waldgeist



Forest Nymphs

  • Dryads
  • Hamadryads (specific trees)
  • Hyleoroi (“watchers of the woods”)

Land Nymphs

  • Anthousai (flowers, plants)
  • Alseids (glens, groves)
  • Auloniads (pastures)
  • Leimakids (meadows)
  • Napaeae (Mountain valleys)
  • Oreads ༄ (Mountains, grottos)

Water Nymphs ༄

  • Haliae ༄ (sea and seashores)
  • Naiads ༄ (fresh water)
  • Oceanids ༄ (Nondescript, not specifically daughters of Oceanus-saltwater, oceans)
  • Weather Nymphs
  • Aurae (Breezes)
  • Nephele (Clouds)

SIDHE (Sith, Aos Si)

  • Daoine Sidhe ༆ : Wikipedia (used here as a nondescript sidhe option)
  • Pooka: Eyr (Limited to three approved shifts from this page, and a shapeshifter application must be filled out showing all of the shifts.)



  • Couatl ༀ (feathered serpent): D&D 3.5
  • Naga ༀ / Aquatic Naga / Gorgon : (human upper, snake lower) Mysts of Eyr
  • Wargs : (non-verbal only, ie growls and actions)
  • Wyvern: Forgotten Realms (note only FR wiki Wyverns allowed, ie no breath weapons ect)



See bullet points for what kinds of half-breeds are possible. Half-breeds may only be made up of one other race; no half-human-orc-celestials for example.


Half-Celestial ༆: Mysts of Eyr (Celestrial Standard Agreement Required)

  • Human

Half-Genie: Mysts of Eyr

  • Mystfolk

Half-Dwarf Mysts of Eyr

  • Elf

Half-Elf ༆:  Mysts of Eyr

  • Dwarf
  • Greenskin (Orcs only)
  • Human

Half-Greenskin ༆: Mysts of Eyr

  • Human (Orcs only)
  • Elf (Orcs and Trolls only)

Half-Halfling ༆: Mysts of Eyr

  • Human

Half-Human ༆: Mysts of Eyr

  • Celestial
  • Elf
  • Greenskin
  • Halfling
  • Merfolk
  • Mystfolk (approved subraces only )

Half-Merfolk ༆ ༄: Mysts of Eyr

  • Human
  • Elf

Half-Mystfolk ༆: Mysts of Eyr

  • Genie
  • Human



Regarding beasts, we DO permit animals and sentient beasts! If you wish to play a dog, or a rabbit, or a wolf, deer, unicorn, bird, squid, etc. - with a REALISTIC avatar, that is sentient, that is permitted. Your ability to speak MUST be explainable, such as you were a human that had been "magicked" into an animal, or perhaps you can only communicate with animal speakers.


Acceptable Beasts:

All Animals that are native to medieval Southeast Asia (no dinosaurs, moose or reindeer for example).

For species native to the lands of Eyr, check our Natural Resource List Under Wild Game.

The following animals are also accepted and will have needed to have arrived from the island of Aradia or other islands of archipeligo: Asp, Camel, Cattle, Cheetahs, Eagles, Horses, Giraffe, Hyenas, Lions, Mongoose, Warthog and Zebra

Animals not on this list are not pre-approved and need Admin review and approval before being able to be played at Mysts of Eyr or brought to Eyr as Pets/Mounts.