Our Goal:

The overall goal of this process is to correct player attitude or behavior at the earliest point possible, ultimately helping them to grow into responsible, courteous, mature players and hopefully never have issue again. Enforcement is just as unenjoyable and uncomfortable for admins to dish out as it is for players to receive, and we don’t take delight in ruining anyone’s day.  Our aim is to kindly remind, and hopefully seek resolution as soon as possible.

Ultimately, Mysts of Eyr has a certain culture and vibe which can be different from other communities, and we understand that sometimes transitioning into a new community can be an adjustment period for newcomers. We also know that our rules are extensive, complicated and nuanced, and it’s easy to make a mistake unknowingly and thus, we always begin addressing issues with a friendly reminder.


Friendly Reminder:

A Friendly Reminder occurs when an infraction or offense is addressed by a member of the Mysts of Eyr Administration team. This is a chance for the offending player to amend his or her behavior without serious intervention. Upon receiving this first warning, a player’s behavior, action, or infraction is recorded and the reminder is issued. It is hoped that this interaction will correct the problem and no further intervention will be needed.

Second Reminder:

A Second Warning is issued when a negative activity occurs again. A second reminder of appropriate behavior is officially documented on the player’s record. A player’s record is kept on active record for 12 months after documentation, and will be referred back to during that period should any further reminders be needed.

Final Warning:

A third warning  is issued when  negative activity continues to occur and multiple Administration Team interventions have been needed. A third offense results in a 24 - 48 hour ban from all Mysts of Eyr sims.

Bannable Offense:

An immediate ban is issued from all Mysts of Eyr sims when a player cannot or will not abide by sim rules and Administrative instruction. Upon receiving a fourth and final warning, a player will be banned from the sim 24 hours or permanently, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Permanent Bannings:

There are other offenses (griefing, trolling, harassment, ageplay, etc) that result in an IMMEDIATE ban with no prior warnings. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Griefing
  • Ageplay
  • Trolling
  • Copybotting
  • Making physical threats to harm any player IRL

This ban will extend to any known alternative accounts of a player.  Any appeals to remove a ban must come only from the banned player themselves, and go directly to Blanche Fralto, owner of Mysts of Eyr.


Players may be asked to provide documentation of complaints and infractions such as logs and screenshots in order to help the administration team view all of the available evidence and determine a just outcome. If players are unable or unwilling to share evidence a complaint may be logged but it may not end in a correction for the accused party without supporting evidence. Sharing of logs outside of Second Life, such as over Skype, via email or another form of external messaging, is not in violation of Second Life’s TOS.


Where possible the admin team will keep matter discussed privately confidential though it must be understood that if action is required or unavoidable that is not always possible. Players can be assured however that the admin team will handle all and any information given with tactful care and attention and will discuss possible consequences and avenues of dealing where appropriate with all parties concerned. Players that seek to get involved in situations that do not concern them will respectfully be asked to step back from the situation.

Administration Team Ethos:

The Administration Team has strict rules against Admin bias affecting a player’s due process. If an Admin has a conflict of interest the Admin must recuse his or her self from the situation and call for another admin to review the situation. Examples of conflict include:

  • OOC relationships with involved parties
  • IC relationships (IC partner, mate, or child)
  • The admin is actively roleplaying in the scene in question
  • OOC conflict with a player in question

An Admin may also chose to recuse him or herself if the situation is beyond their area of expertise. For example, an Admin may not be an expert in combat roleplay, and call another Admin with speciality in that area in for review of a scene or conflict. The Administration Team is just that, a team, and some issues may need to go to the team for review. These resolutions will not be immediate, but will be timely, after the whole of the Administration Team reviews the documented evidence and weighs the outcome.