Below is an overview on how a consent-based roleplay system works.  In Mysts of Eyr, we believe that everyone has a right to an enjoyable roleplay experience OOC (In-character is a whole different thing, and your character might have some very un-enjoyable scenarios befall them).  Some situations can be extremely upsetting for people to roleplay through. It is for these people that we have rules of consent, to protect them from a bad out-of-character experience. 

At any time in roleplay, you may reach out to the player(s) you’re roleplaying with and notify them in IM’s that there are certain scenarios you won’t consent to. Many players also list this in their profile picks. Below are the list of acceptable situations to refuse, on the circumstance that you (the player) are deeply uncomfortable with acting out:

Acceptable Grounds for Non-Consent

  • Sex, Sexual interactions, Rape / Sexual Assault, Molestation, Pregnancy.  Simply put: no person should have to roleplay any aspect of sexuality with their character if they do not want to. 
  • Severe maiming, disfiguring, and dismemberment.  For obvious reasons, this level of violence is very upsetting. Many people are not okay with their character being flayed, having limbs removed, having its face burned off, or other such extreme acts. 
  • Religious Roleplay.  Religion is a very divisive topic and players, religious and atheist alike, may be uncomfortable engaging in a roleplay that involves religion, occultism, demonic possession, praying, rituals, sacrifices and other such acts. 
  • Extreme Humiliation / Degradation, Sado-Masochism, Mind Control & Slavery. These types of scenarios can also be very uncomfortable roleplay for a lot of people. Note that “capture” is not on this list -- only “slavery” is.  Capture / detainment is considered a normal scenario for our isle, especially during wartime or arrests, and is not considered a reasonable act to refuse consent. Any character can “attempt” to capture and detain your character.  What happens beyond that is up to you, your roleplay partner, and possibly the dice. 
  • Roleplaying Beyond Real Life Limits. For whatever reason, any player may exit a roleplay scene if they have something going on in real life. Whether it’s a child that needs attention, dinner is burning, feeling ill or exhausted -- you may pull out of a scene and Fade to Black or you can also re-schedule to finish the scene later.  Always notify your scene partners if you can and don’t leave them hanging.
  • Character Death.  Any player may attempt to kill your character (players are advised to speak to you OOC before attempting to kill / assassinate your character). Whether your character ultimately dies or not, is up to you. You have a right to when and how your character dies.  No player or admin can force your character to die.  That said, refusing to consent to character death does not mean you will escape a bad situation unharmed. If your character would realistically die in the situation but for whatever reason you do not wish to kill off your character, you have two options:  Allow your character to be injured to the point of near-death (and be healed/saved) or allow your character to die and be brought back by an admin-approved resurrecter.  Pulling the “Non Consent” card when your character is in above their heads, and using it to escape unscathed is just plain bad roleplay and poor sportsmanship. Don’t do it. 

Abusing the “Non Consent” card. 

The first 6 items on the bulleted list above are considered subjects of such sensitivity that it is considered reasonable to refuse to roleplay these scenes out.  

Sometimes, players get cranky with how a scene is playing out.  They don’t want to have to roleplay out suffering the consequences of their actions, they had different ideas for how a scene should have played out, or they want to avoid consequences so they can continue to pursue a storyline they don’t want de-railed.  So they pull the “I don’t consent to this!” card, and grind the scene to a halt.

This is bad roleplay, poor sportsmanship, and not acceptable conduct in Mysts of Eyr.  In RP, you can almost always assure your plot will get sidetracked or derailed. This is a natural course of RP and you cannot expect anything to go as planned.  If you repeatedly pull the non-consent card to get your way, you will be issued a temp-ban, and then it will be assured your roleplay doesn’t go as planned.  

You should not be pulling the Non-consent card for situations outside of those listed above.  By setting foot in Mysts of Eyr, per our rules, you accept that violent roleplay and adult situations can and will happen to your character (note: child characters are the exception to sexual RP, of course, but should expect violence and moderate-rating RP scenes).  

If there are scenarios you don’t want to happen to your character, you have two options.   A) Roll with the RP, and accept the action toward your char, but control the severity / success of it, or B) Don’t get your character into situations where you cannot accept the consequences.  

For example, your character walks into the Wolf & Raven tavern and mouths off to the owner.  A player may make an attempt to perform an action on  you (such as a slap in the face). If you don’t like this outcome for your character, you could simply avoid playing your character as mouthy and flippant in dangerous locations, or you could roll with the RP and allow for some level of action taken on your character, rather than whipping out the non-consent card. 

Situations When Prior Consent is Required. 

There are a few situations where you must obtain consent first before even attempting the action on another.  With all other actions, you may attempt away and see where it takes you. With these points below, you must get consent prior. 

Business / Race HQ Breakins, Destruction, or Robberies.  Business/Race HQ owners in Mysts of Eyr have a right to consent or not consent to this type of roleplay. Depending on a variety of factors, the business might be out of a certain kind of stock, only have a specific amount of money available to be robbed, or even protected by magical wards or hand-rigged boobie traps.  You (the player) won’t know what to expect without speaking to the business / race HQ owner first.  

Players who own Businesses or HQ’s may OOCly decide to consent or not consent in order to protect their business / HQ from getting destroyed/robbed/attacked too often, to the degree where the business or HQ cannot realistically function anymore.

Reasons Business / HQ Owners May Not Give Consent:

  • They get hit with robberies/attacks too often. Some businesses are targeted all the time, and it can be tiresome in roleplay. 
  • They were too recently robbed/attacked/damaged and haven't had time to fully recover IC.
  • They need to explain to players whether the business is warded, booby trapped, how much inventory is available for theft, and other such IC expectations. 

Sim / Build Destruction.  Please speak with the sim owner or admins before attempting to burn down the village, flood the forests, rip the ground open into a canyon, blow the top off the mountain, decimate the elven village or any other large-scale destruction RP.  Failing to get consent on this will result in your RP being voided. 

Far-Reaching, Heavy Impact storylines. 

We like to think that every player has the ability to affect great change in the isle that reaches far and causes ripples throughout Eyr. Some scenarios are so impactful that prior planning should take place. Some desired outcomes might not actually be possible from an OOC standpoint.  Types of storylines might include: dethroning a leader, starting a great war, destroying a village / group / business, affecting the entire isle with a large area spell, storm or cataclysmic event.  Always speak to affected parties prior to undertaking heavy-impact storylines. 

Plotting / Attempting to Kill Another Character.

It is just common sense that if you intend to kill another’s character, to check and see what their limits are and what they consent to. It would be very frustrating to spend a month plotting and tracking a character just to get inches away from killing them and they refuse to consent.  It’s always safer to ask first to see what the player is willing to have their character go through.