Table of Contents

A. General Sim Rules   D. Character Rules  
B. Player Conduct   E. Rules of Engagement  
C. Roleplay Rules   F. Banning  


A. General Sim Rules

Whether you’re here to explore or roleplay – this applies to everyone.

1. By entering Mysts of Eyr, you agree to abide by the rules set forth here. Failure to read the rules is not an excuse. All Terms of Service as set forth by Linden Labs apply here, any violations will result in a warning or a ban. The rules can change at any time, when they do, it will be notified to the group. It is up to the players to be informed.

2. If you are exploring or observing you MUST wear an observer tag and do not disturb roleplayers.

3. Stay out of private HQ's (unless you are a part of that faction group).

4. The use of obnoxious emotes, loud / offensive sound effects from an attachment/HUD/Gesture, begging for money, offensive behavior, and any advertising or campaigning or recruiting for your product/sim will result in a warning and/or banning.

5. Do not park your character in sim and go AFK. If you simply must, move your character to an OOC entrance plaza, or put on an AFK tag. Avatars that park AFK down on sim, without an AFK tag will be teleported back home with a warning.

6. Do not rezz prims and leave them around sim. You may only rezz prims if you are a renter, or rezzing props for a roleplay or photography scene, in which case they need to be removed immediately after. Do not rezz more than 10-20 prims for props, if you need to rezz a large structure, get clearance from an admin prior. Repeated litterers will be warned and/or banned.

7. Mysts of Eyr is an English Only sim, we do not permit translators.

8. We do not offer skybox rentals, allow you to rezz your own home, or allow you to rent extra prim space.

9. Keep your script count on your avatar below 150, and your bandwidth usage under 3MB. Need help in getting script usage and bandwidth?   Ask an admin.

B. Player Conduct

What we expect of you in terms of behavior and interpersonal conduct.

1. Real Life (RL) comes first. If someone needs to exit a scene for whatever reason, please respect Real Life needs of others.

2. Be courteous to your fellow players and staff members. Check your attitudes and shoulder-chips at the door. Rude, hostile behavior can result in warning and/or banning.

3. Taking interpersonal drama, insults, flaming, offensive discussion, complaints, politics/race/religion arguments, comments for shock value, and disputes to open chat or to group chat is not allowed. If you have an issue with an individual, take it up with them privately or contact an admin, airing your dirty laundry is considered in poor taste. Special Note: Admin will NOT get involved in or take sides on “personal” conflicts.

4. If you find another player in violation of the rules, please report it to any admin. Conversely, “retaliation” against another player for reporting you is a ban-able offense. If you have violated the rules, own up to it and leave the reporting party out of it.

5. All conflicts with an admin (or admin decision) need to be reported directly to Blanche Fralto.

6. Admin-shopping is poor form. Do not go around seeking different / better answers from other admins. We are all in communication and we know when you're shopping.

7.  Keep your dirty jokes and adult / crass / sexual humor in “adult chat” not main group chat. Chat Group URL: secondlife:///app/group/aef8058e-ed1e-9ccf-66a3-35e4a67dbc46/about - Ask an admin for an invite.


C. Roleplay Rules

The rules for when you are “in character”.

1. When you are on sim level, and are not wearing an AFK, OOC, or Observer tag, you are considered to be IN-CHARACTER, a.k.a “IC”, and available for roleplay. Keep your Out of Character chatter to a minimum, if you must, use ((brackets)) to denote OOC speech.

2. You MUST be in the Mysts of Eyr main group to roleplay here. Important information (such as rules updates) is sent out via notices.

3. You are NOT required to join any Faction, Business, or Discipline group to roleplay here. They are opt-in groups and require an application to get in. If you are not accepted, you are still free to Roleplay as an "outsider". Leaders reserve the right to accept/deny applications based on a variety of criteria, including how well the character fits a role, as well as in-game roleplay factors (such as treason/betrayal). 

4. Sex: While this is a mature sim with mature language/behavior/visuals, it must be noted that Eyr is not a sex-focused sim, the primary reason for your stay should not be seeking a sex/fetish partner, nor should that be the end goal of your characters’ story. If you have an objection to mature language/behavior/visuals - do not enter. “Mature” roleplay is permitted in local chat, take all “sex” RP to private IM’s

5. Player Created Groups: We have restrictions on how player created groups are created. Interested in making your own? Click here to apply for the creation of a Player Made Group.

6. Privacy: Your roleplay may be interrupted. If you have a problem with this, seek out a secluded location. You have an entire jungle at your disposal.

7. Fantasy Translators: Fantasy translators are NOT permitted in Eyr. For the admins to do their jobs, they need to be able to read and understand everything written. You are however, permitted to pepper your phrases and vocabulary with fantasy languages. For instance, elves regularly will mix in "mae govannen" or "vedui" in their roleplay. If speaking in an unintelligible language other than common, simply indicate that in your roleplay. "She spoke to him in a harsh and foreign language, which the locals would likely have never heard before, "What type of place is this?" she asked her companion. The onus is on the other players to not metagame.

8. CONSENT BASED ROLEPLAY. All roleplay must be consensual between both parties OOC. Forcing your roleplayed actions on another character when they haven't consented is not allowed. Click here to learn more about Consent Rules.

9. NO GOD-MODING. What is god-moding? It is when you roleplay in “god mode”. When you are in god-mode, you are posting actions without allowing for player response, determining the outcome of your actions upon others, and steering the roleplay to your desired outcome. To avoid this: every post you make MUST be an ATTEMPT and MUST allow for the option of response.

10. NO METAGAMING: What is meta-gaming? It is taking information that you, the player, have obtained, and using it in character as though your character knows it. If you character has no knowledge of it – it didn’t happen. Don’t Metagame. It’s bad RP.

Examples of Metagaming:

  • Using Radar +

    Using your radar to “find” characters / action across the map that your character would not have realistically seen or heard. reading the group tag above a character's head to determine the characters’ name or race, overhearing a discussion on group chat about a fight going down elsewhere, and then running over to it.
  • Instant Messaging +

    Sending another character a letter / scroll / messenger pigeon via Instant Message. ---> You MUST hand-deliver your notecard/message, have a postal employee hand-deliver it, or have a runner / friend hand-deliver it. This is not the modern age, and messages are NOT instantaneous. We urge you to use the postal service when you need to send messages. For emergencies, find a runner.
  • Hearing Through Walls +

    Listening through thick stone walls, cave walls, and other unrealistic scenarios when you shouldn't be able to hear.
  • Using a Player's Profile +

    Using someone's profile / picks information to tell more about someone in-character that you shouldn't know.
  • Knowledge Without Learning +

    Using information on the Mysts of Eyr website that your character does not actually know, such as the special weakness of fae, or the secret leader of a group. Hint: to discover more about Eyr and her inhabitants in-character, head to the book store!
  • Summoning Your Group as Backup +

    Using your group or alliance to call for help. This is a BIG no-no. You may use /shout to call for help in local chat only.
  • Using Alt Knowledge +

    Using information that your alt-character learned, to benefit your other or main character. You may not, ever, use your alts to further the storyline or benefit your personal alt characters.
  • 1

11. Restricted Stuff! There are a few things which we restrict in roleplay for game balance or to protect the sim's theme and immersion. First are the controlled substances list. These items are restricted either because they are too powerful, or because they should be rare. Some items are forbidden entirely (never allowed in-game), where others are restricted (only allowed under admin approval or special circumstances) and others are controlled (allowed, but with limitations). Click here to see our Restricted and Controlled Items List.

12. Use of modern hate speech is prohibited in your roleplay. This means modern epithets such as n*gger, f*ggot, k*ke, etc. are forbidden, they have no place in a medieval fantasy setting. If your character needs to use an insult, be creative. If complaints, arise, admins have the right to determine if certain words are modern hate speech epithets.

13. NO POWER GAMING: Power gaming is over-inflating your character’s strengths, abilities, and powers to attain a desired outcome in roleplay. Every character must have faults, foibles, and weaknesses, and should take hits in fights, as well as lose fights. Characters that constantly dodge, constantly “win”, and have tons of power and no weaknesses will be warned and/or banned. This is BAD FORM and inacceptable conduct in roleplay. Be realistic, check your ego at the door, and be prepared to lose sometimes. Your fellow players will respect you for it.

14. Roleplay must be done in LOCAL CHAT. You should not be using your group or or your alliance group to be roleplaying. If you are staffing a business and wish to alert folks of your presence, a simple, "hey, I'm staffing the tea house today if you want RP" is very much permissible.

D. Character Rules

What you can and cannot do with your character itself.

1. If you don’t have wings – you shouldn’t be flying! Special exceptions can be made for things like ghosts and spirits. If you think your non-winged character should be able to fly, but you aren't sure if you are permitted, simply contact an admin to check.

2. You may only play a race that is listed on the playable races list. Click here to see the Playable Races List.

3. You may play as many as THREE individual characters per second life account a year. However, the characters must be discernibly different at first glance, and must be identified as different identities through the use of a hud / hover titler.

4.  Character age.  Each character should look to their own race guidelines to determine age.  The cap for all characters no matter the race is 4,000 years old - unless grandfathered in from a previous approved app.  

5.  You may play your alts (alternate accounts) here in Mysts of Eyr, however you may NOT use one of your characters to help another one of your characters to further a plot, and we highly advise against dual-boxing two alts at the same time, to avoid doing this by accident.

6. What you cannot play, under any circumstances:

Gods / Goddesses / Demigods / Demon Lords or direct descendants of them.
Published characters, or imitations of them (such as Gandalf or Ezio)
Furries (sorry guys.)
Anime characters.  Enlarged eyes.  Childlife faces. 
Futuristic characters/time travelers/aliens

7. Your character must wear appropriate medieval/fantasy attire. This means: no futuristic clothing, no “steampunk”, no mechanized tinkerer/steampunk/cogs gear, no sunglasses, no fishnets, stilettos and other modern fashions, no guns/ballistics/mechanized anything, no Victorian/goth fashions like petticoats, ruffles and top-hats, no fetish-wear like latex and bondage outfits. Plain and simple: if you don’t want to dress medieval/fantasy, then don’t roleplay in a medi-fantasy sim.

8. Your characters’ entrance/arrival to the sim must fit with sim lore. There are 2 ways to enter Eyr: 1) planar / rift travel 2) Born and raised here. Eyr is a rift-world and as such is most often entered through accidental or unintentional means. Many of its inhabitants beached here in wayward ships, or woke up in the forests, plucked from their former reality. You cannot, for example, arrive here from outer space, dirigible ship, or from the future. Click here for a helpful guide on Arriving to Eyr.

9. Your avatar must fit our appearance standards, meaning, it must look as realistic as possible. Cartoonish avatars will not be permitted. This includes unrealistically inflated breasts, unrealistically huge penises or penis pouches, unrealistically large muscles, anime heads, gigantic prim eyes, implausible fur colors, cutesy /chibi / anime avatars, and random “parts” like furry neko ears that don’t belong.

10. Nudity: Bare breast nudity is permitted when reasonably plausible (such as for mermaids, people in the bath house, Amazonian style barbarians, nymphs) and genital nudity is not permitted unless in the Bath House. Loin cloths are permitted as long as most of the genitalia is shielded. Nudity is not permitted for child characters.

11. Child avatars ARE permitted in Eyr, but they are forbidden to engage in sexual roleplay (aka "ageplay"), and are forbidden the use of sexual and cuddling pose balls. Child avatars are not permitted ANY nudity of any kind. Girls must cover top and bottom, boys must cover bottom. Child avatars are not permitted to wear any prim/mesh genitalia or breasts. Child avatars are not permitted in the Bath House or other official Bathing areas. Child characters are not allowed to have memories, emotions or general mindset of adulthood left (for example if magicked/cursed from adult to child). Characters under the age of 18 (or equivalent of sexual maturity) MUST state age in their titler - actual age AND apparent age. Additionally the player behind the avatar must be over the age of 18. Child avatar must have an adult guardian that is an active role player.  This can be a parent/guardian, or even employer. They must be willing to be held accountable for the child avatar's actions. Child avatars here will be exposed to mature discussion, activities, and violence. By playing here you acknowledge and accept this.

12. The only character race changes allowed at this time are those that work within the vampire standard, the wolfkin standard, the undead standard, or within the appropriate lore and appropriate process for becoming siren or a demon. All other race changes for a character can only be earned through the Token System - and are still subject to approval.

13. The act of resurrecting a character from death requires approval from the admin team. The caster performing resurrection must make physical, unbroken contact with the intended target. A minimum of five posts is required to perform the ritual. If contact is broken, the caster must start over. The caster must give up a part of their life essence and will be at a minimum weakened in speed, stamina, agility, and any applicable resistances by 50% for at least a week's time. The longer the body is dead, the more difficult it may be to resurrect. A long dead body could tax the caster so much that they fall into a brief coma due to exertion. A caster may perform resurrection at a maximum of four times per calendar year, with at least three months between resurrections.

Use of the Token Reward Shop soul stone does not require admin permission. Characters in possession of a soul stone must use the item according to its guidelines.

The act of transitioning a character from alive to undead does not require admin permission. Filling out the Undead Standard Agreement application is however required.

14. Characters which are above sexual maturity must appear sexually mature. They should have a normal sized avatar and have a sexually mature physical appearance. The tiler must be consistent with this. You cannot have a mature looking avatar with a titler that indicates otherwise (immaturity). Characters which are below sexual maturity cannot have an avatar that appears sexually mature for their respective race.

For example, an immature avatar cannot show large breasts, facial beard, be or become pregnant. The titler must apear consistent with the avatar appearance. You cannot have an avatar that appears sexually immature with a titler that contradicts the visual appearance. For example a 20-year-old human is above sexual maturity and must look 18+. The 20-year-old human can not look 15 and at the same time show huge breasts or pregnancy. Another example is a 20-year-old elf which is, due to its slow aging race, below sexual maturity and thus their avatar must look under 18. Rule 11 for playing a child character applies.

15. A character's multiple identities, forms, and aliases may not be split between multiple Second Life accounts. 


E. Rules of Engagement

When you fight, do it right!

1. Eyr is a meter-less sim. This means that combat is free-form and through the natural course of roleplay, one party will generally choose to lose. However, often times both parties are unable to determine a winner and loser to a fight. Usually this is solved two ways: 

a. The outcome of the fight is pre-arranged. None of the details are determined but one party agrees to eventually lose/succumb/be captured/etc.
b. The outcome of the fight is determined through a simple dice roll using the official Mystara Dice. Highest roller will be the victor.

2. Combat is consent-based. If you wish to attack a player, lay siege to a village, kidnap a child, or poison someone’s drink, you should get PRIOR consent in IMs for this. However, if a player attacks you without obtaining your consent first, and you choose to “roll with it” and roleplay anyway, this counts as consent.

3. Damage of Property: Any sort of major destruction of sim buildings/structures/areas needs pre-approval by Blanche Fralto. Any minor destruction or theft that would affect the rp in the shop/building, needs OOC approval of the shop/area/owner or sim admin.

4. Breaking into headquarters: ALL Headquarters are guarded inside and outside by NPCs, locked gates, barricaded doors, and sometimes magic wards or booby traps. You may enter an HQ if invited in or accompanied by a member of that group. You may not “sit-hack” your way into a HQ, and then claim you “broke in”. If it wasn’t roleplayed – it didn’t happen. It would take a lot of people, and a lot of force, and a lot of roleplay to break into any of the headquarters – and as such it is a rare occurrence. If you wish to stage a siege, get OOC consent with the leader of the HQ first.

5. NO GOD-MODING, NO META-GAMING, NO POWER-GAMING! If you don’t know what these things are, read rules C09, C10, and C11.

6. Eyr has special round of roleplay called a “Death Match”. A “death match” is a consent-only round of a roleplay fight where two players agree to a set of dice-rolling rules to determine if a character gets killed off by an attempted death blow. Click here to learn more about Death Match Rules.

7. The right to reasonable death: Every player has the right to decide if they wish to kill off their character or not – within reason. This means you cannot decide to die after a punch in the face.

8. Unless a player wishes to kill themselves off, and unless two players enter a “death match” – combat roleplay in Eyr does not end in death, at the most, it ends in “severely maimed and wounded” or “unconscious”.

F. Bannings

1. The following are immediate ban-able offenses:

  • Using Eyr group chat to stir up drama and conflict, or to offend people with shock value, especially on such topics as race, politics, and religion, a.k.a. “trolling”
  • Use of any copybot viewer
  • Shields and Pushers
  • Threatening to grief the sim
  • Making threats to physically harm any player, lead, or admin in real life.
  • Defamation of any member of the Mysts of Eyr staff or leadership team.
  • Self-replicating objects that cause sim lag
  • Griefing tools of any kind including chat spies, and Ultima/Wishmaster HUDS
  • Malicious Scripts
  • Advertising your product/sim and/or poaching our players
  • Theft, forgery, and copybotting.
  • Underage sexual roleplay, a.k.a. “ageplay”, wearing genitalia or scripted erotic items (xcite) on your child avi.
  • Being under the age of 18 in “real life”
  • Harassing Players, Trolling in Local Chat, general griefing.
  • Repeatedly doing that which an admin has asked you not to do.

2. If you have been banned and wish to petition for access to the sim again, contact Blanche Fralto. No one else may petition on your behalf.

3. Unless you have committed any of the offenses listed in Rule F1, you will be given a formal warning first which are usually followed by a ban if the rules are broken again.