Mysts of Eyr has dynamic weather system that is synced with the music stream. If you play your music stream in Eyr, you will enjoy ambient jungle sounds to set the mood. When a thunderstorm begins to play, mesh rain will appear all over the sim! This low lag rainstorm will last about an hour, and generally will occur a few times per day given that Eyr is a tropical island.

Additionally, you may reference the forecast below for Today and Tomorrow for use in your RP. For example, a day with 'stifling humidity' might have your character melting and fanning themselves or even a bit of suffering (we like suffering!). Those who possess the gift of foresight (such as an oracle or shaman) may consider incorporating future weather events, like a tropical storm, into their visions.

Today's weather forecast

Tomorrow's weather forecast

This morning will be warm and damp with early morning fog, with an afternoon of brief rain squalls and clearing skies late afternoon, followed by an evening of mild temperatures and light misting drizzle.
Tomorrow morning will be misty with warm drizzling rain, with an afternoon of overcast skies and stifling humidity, followed by an evening of overcast skies, still breezes and moderate humidity.