Token Cost: 7 Tokens


Amount: 1 Enchanted Mask, reusable


Description: See people for not as they appear, but as they truly are! This mask, heavily sought by investigators and guards, reveals the true identity of other people and those who may invisibly lurk around.

Made from the bone and antlers of the extinct albino dik-dik, these enchanted masks are found only in the forgotten caches of ancient Eyranese Mystfolk. Through the power of true seeing, a person wearing this mask can see through glamours, shapeshifts, and magical invisibility.


Terms & Conditions: This exclusive Stormwood mesh is unavailable anywhere else and comes with a color changing HUD and 10 texture options.

Whilst the bone and antlers can be damaged, it is extremely durable and would realistically take a severe blow, strong magic, or determined fire to cause enough damage to disable the mask's power. Should a mask be significantly damaged or cracked, it must be taken to the Crone's Eye for repair and re-enchantment.

The mask of the ancients was crafted with very old magic, and as such can be unreliable and tricky to master. The mask of the ancients, while powerful, is not perfect and can sometimes provide poor results. When your character attempts to see through an illusion / glamour / shapeshift / invisibility cloak -- they must equip the MoE Dice Hud and roll the die to determine success. Rolling 50 or higher is an immediate success and your character is able to see through the illusion before them. Rolling 49 or lower is an immediate failure, your characters' vision remains the same. NOTE: You may not metagame your character knowing there is an illusion, your character must have a reason to suspect there is an illusion in play. For example, if a character wearing an invisibility cloak is within sight, you need a clue such as a snapping twig to guess that there might be an illusion in play.


How to Use

  • When a character wishes to utilize their Mask of the Ancients, you should take note of the following:
  • Ensure your character roleplays out putting on the mask.
  • If using the mask, then use the MoE HUD titler to state your character is wearing the Mask of the Ancients.
  • Open an OOC line of communication with anyone who is glamoured, shapeshifted, or invisible. Consent is required to reveal another person's identity.