Token Cost: 10 TokensKuvarisKiss

Amount: a small vial of dye (2 ounces).

Description: Ku’vari’s Kiss: Though there are water breathing spells out there, they are made for the moment or must be renewed or refreshed with each use. Ku’vari’s Kiss is a magical ink created by water elementals that once injected into the skin allows for unlimited underwater breathing and speech. The ink properties do not expire; they do not need to be renewed.

The gift itself is a small vial of dye (2 ounces). The purchaser will need to activate the ink by adding a bit of their ‘essence’ to the ink. Blood or spittle both work well. Once activated the ink should be injected or scratched into the skin into a pattern. It is best to seek someone skilled in tattoo work for this process to avoid infection.

Terms and Conditions: Ku’vari’s Kiss (ink) can only be used by the person activating the ink; the application itself only enough for a single person.

The ink properties do not expire; they do not require respelling. However, if one took injury to the skin areas bearing the tattoos that over half of the tattoo is affected, there would not be enough of the ink left to maintain the abilities. While the ink is activating or de-activating the bearer will experience discomfort in the lungs ranging from mild tickle or cough to difficulty breathing.

The ink properties do not protect the bearer from damage caused by extensive time spent in the water. Aquatic races have their own protections against the ravages of the water. Others do not. These inks only only intended for specific tasks or deeds for in the water. Skin, hair, nails, eyes will all be negatively impacted by exposure - particularly to saltwater. nail damage including skin dehydration, rash, softening of skin and tissues.

Rainfall can trigger the effect if the bearer becomes soaking wet and remains soaking wet for a duration. The subject is able to breathe air and water at this time

How to Use:

  • The object marked “Ku’vari’s Breath” should be rezzed on Eyr.
  • Confirm you wish to ‘utilize’ the item by clicking ‘yes’ (if select no, remember to take the object back into inventory.
  • The object will then expire and self delete, sending email confirmation to the IC use to the Eyr Admin Team for us to log into our records.
  • The “Ku’vari’s Kiss” gift is considered used and in play once this is completed. You can ICly work with a tattoo artist or someone skilled with such inks to complete the application/injection process.
  • How to Activate/De-Activate in RP:
    • Submerge the area of your body with the inks. As with other transformations, the ability requires three posts to activate. Preparation post, activation post as the effects begin to take hold. And final post showing the effect is in place. The effect is automatic so you could be performing other activities or functions while this is taking place. Though keep in mind there will be various levels of discomfort as your lungs adjust.

    • Simply reverse the process when leaving the water to come upon land. The ink on the skin will fade as the skin dries, gradually becoming invisible.

Any questions regarding the Magic Scroll and its use, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!