MoE SchwagToken Cost: 10 Tokens

Love mysts of Eyr? Celebrate and rep with some exclusive schwag! Choose between a Coffee Mug or a 1 year calendar resplendent with gorgeous sim screenshots. You may specify the month range of your choice!

Shipping is free (USPS flat rate) to any location within the United States or any A.P.O. address overseas. Unfortunately, due to prohibitively expensive international shipping costs, we cannot ship Eyr Schwag gifts outside of the US. If you are still interested in having an item shipped to your international location, we will be happy to calculate the shipping and you may paypal the shipping cost.

Please allow 2 weeks for the item to be created and shipped to your location.

For international shipping, please allow up to 4 weeks for processing, as it will be manufactured and sent to us first, then shipped out to your location once shipping payment has been received.