Token Page 10 2

Token Cost: 5 Tokens


Amount: 3 additional character slots


Description: Fancy trying out a new faction, a new alignment or new culture in the jungle but don’t want to sacrifice an established character? Prone to playing good guys but fancy trying to be the villain with a fresh face? Interested in playing the offspring of established characters but don’t have a slot to spare? With this opportunity boosting bonus, you can now have six characters rather than three tied to your Second Life account and explore all the more new roleplay!


Terms and Conditions:

  • Character limit increases from three to six characters per Second Life account. Any additional characters must be played on a separate account OR there is opportunity to retire up to two characters per year to make way for up to two new ones.
  • All playable characters must be able to be played according to Mysts of Eyr rules and etiquette guidelines.
  • All characters, unless approved customs, must be listed on the playable character list.
  • All characters must be discernibly different from each other at first glance, and must be identified as different identities through the use of a hud/hover titler.
    You must NOT use one of your characters to help or pass information to another one of your characters to further a plot, this would be deemed as metagaming.


Any questions regarding Playable Characters, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!