token bag holdingToken Cost: 3 Tokens

Amount: 1 Magically Enchanted Bag


Description: A cleverly designed and magically imbued compact cloth or leather bag you will be able to carry anywhere with everything you need inside without even feeling it! Much like the famous Mary Poppins carpet bag, its inside dimensions are vastly bigger than it’s outside appearance. Regardless of what is put into the bag, it’s weight remains the same so even when full, the bag physically weighs less than 15 lbs to carry, but it can actually hold a maximum of 250 lbs!

Only those who work within the Crone’s Eye potentially understand the magical mechanics of such an item, and though they keep this highly prized method secret from those outside the quirky cave they call home, but whatever the true source of the bag’s enchantment of dimensional magic - it is an energy that redefines the notion of packing light!


Terms & Conditions: The bag is roughly the size of a small fruit crate, with handles and a leather strap so enable hands-free transportation. Any number of objects can be placed within and the objects can be of any size or shape so long as the maximum carried weight does not exceed 250 lbs (approx 112 kilos).

If the bag is overloaded, or it’s pierced (from inside or outside) then the bag ruptures and is ruined and all contents would be lost forever. Living creatures may be placed within the bag, but their survival time is limited to 30 minutes, after which time they suffocate. As the bag has no true sentience, it can become lost or misplaced.

Upon purchasing this item, you will receive an exclusive Bag of Holding item made by Stormwood. You may choose to use this bag or any other appropriately themed bag purchased within Second Life. 


How to Use

When your character wishes to utilize the Bag of Holding you should do the following:

  • Ensure your character RPs out adding an item to their bag and if necessary, having the bag upon their person as this legitimately introduces the bag into a scene, however subtle!
  • Keep a list OOCly detailing every item your character currently is carrying in their bag - use logical, approximate weights to ensure the bag never realistically contains more than the maximum 250 lbs - this could be done via inventory notecard, profile pick, or whichever way works best for you.


Any questions regarding the Bag of Holding and its use, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!