Token Cost: 5 Tokens

Amount: 1 gram, single use

Description: Ada Pyre, an orchid commonly given the name “Catsbane” due to its knack at injuring wild cats, is highly effective at dealing with the supernatural Bastet and claims disastrous effects to those that contact it. While still dangerous to all creatures, it impacts the Feline-Shifters the most.

1 gram, single use - enough to fill a bottle cap, roughly equivalent to 5 leaves worth or enough to make a single dose poison/potion - enough to gravely injure or kill an adult bastet or render up to three unconscious (consent rules apply) It should be noted that Catsbane is a rare and dangerous substance to handle and is most potent when in fresh, pure, untampered form.

Restriction Level: High - Restricted: (See Controlled Substances Web Page)


Terms & Conditions: By its very name, the leaves of this potent plant are feared by even the biggest and boldest werecats though thankfully for them at least, within Eyr, it is considered rare and even when found also can prove dangerous to the handler.

For those lucky enough to claim possession of Catsbane, they are limited to the equivalent of 1 gram in weight for a single use - roughly equivalent to 5 leaves worth or enough to make a single dose poison/potion. This would be enough to potentially kill or gravely injure one adult bastet or render up to three unconscious (consent rules apply).

It should be noted that Catsbane is a rare and dangerous substance to handle and must be taken to and prepared by a trained apothecary, alchemist or herbalist. Involvement of the Sage Advice apothecary, any of Eyr’s Infirmaries or the Night Cap is compulsory.


How to Use

When your character is ready to hand over their Catsbane to a crafter/business within Eyr the following action should be taken -

  • The object marked 'Catsbane' found within the reward folder should be rezzed in-world.
  • Confirm you wish to 'utilize' the item by clicking 'yes' (if select no, remember to take the object back into your inventory for later use)
  • The object will then expire and self delete, sending email confirmation of IC use to the Eyr admin team for us to log in our token reward records.
  • The Catsbane is considered 'used' and the crafter/business is free to icly create your ordered/requested object (so long as meets the terms and conditions of use)


Resource Guide

General Toxicity: Handling or being exposed to this flowering plant can still cause harmful effects to those not of Bastet origin. Unprotected contact can lead to burning and tingling sensations, and ingesting the plant in most forms cause symptoms the same or similar to those of aconite including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Heavier doses act similarly to aconite, leading to potential paralysis which could prove fatal if it paralyzes the heart.

Bastet Allergy: Bastet have an innate weakness to this lily, with the scents it puts out being a strong disrupter of the their senses. The general effects of the plant effect Bastet much the same, though only in fresh leaf form. Hanging dried Ada Pyre orchids is typically a warning to Bastet that Catsbane could be in use, and holds little effect other than a deterring scent and instigating a minor reaction of watery or itchy eyes and mouth. Coming near or in contact with the fresh leaves or blossoms can cause more extreme effects in addition to the normal symptoms, such as a loss of scent, taste, or cloudy vision. Stronger doses or lengthy exposure can also bring about extreme muscular pain, shortness of breath, and heavy perspiration. Due to its harmful properties, being close to or affected by Catsbane makes it difficult to gather/maintain the focus necessary to use a Bastet gift as well as disrupt the shape-shifting process. This latter effect may be of some use to those hunting Bastet.

Scarcity, Harvesting, and Preparation: Much like all orchids, Ada Pyre is a plant that is very fickle regarding the right environmental conditions in order to flourish. Cultivating it is a painstakingly arduous process, which requires a knowledgeable herbalist to tend to the capricious needs of the plant and not fall ill in the process. Finding Ada Pyre in the wild is nearly unheard of, because Bastet will raise entire swaths of jungle with fire in order to destroy any discovered orchid clusters. Additionally, because the plant only holds its greatest effect upon Bastet when freshly picked, it would be difficult to grow and sustain such a crop as well as hazardous to the tender’s health. Due to this, Catsbane is more likely to be harvested and dried for its use as a deterrent rather than to be actively used as a weapon.

Any questions regarding Catsbane and its use, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!