Token Cost: 10 Tokenstoken cloak2


Amount: 1 Enchanted Cloak, reusable


Description: The ultimate stealth accessory, and much sought after addition to the arsenal of all would-be thieves, assassins and hunters of prey; the Invisibility Cloak is a rare and expensive piece of illusionary kit, offering boundless opportunity to roam the jungle unseen and unchallenged.

Often whispered of, yet for obvious reason seldom seen in practice, this soft, spider silk woven cloak renders the wearer or anything it covers invisible! Through the power of imbued illusion, a person or object inside the cloak remains completely unseen to the naked eye - an obvious benefit for any that wish to keep something hidden in plain sight or to themselves, remain undetected for whatever self preserving or nefarious reason.


Terms & Conditions: Whilst the cloak renders its wearer completely invisible (so long as completely shrouded, head to toe), it does not mask the wearer’s voice, sounds or scent. Nor will it stop another from physically feeling the wearer’s presence should they purposely or accidently touch or bump into them. Furthermore, those gifted with the ability to ‘sense’ aura or detect the use of magic may still be able to identify a presence. If highly adept at seeing through illusion, one may even catch sight of the wearer’s movements through perception of the shift between reality and deception - the cloaked figure may appear to move as a subtle glitter or semblance of opaque light that can more easily be exposed.

Whilst spider silk can be damaged, it is extremely durable and would realistically take a severe blow, strong magic or determined fire to cause enough damage to disable a cloak’s imbued illusion. Should a cloak be significantly damaged or ripped then a simple hem and sew will not be sufficient - it must be taken to the Crone’s Eye for repair and re-enchantment.

Though an Invisibility Cloak may prove hard to destroy, it is inevitably easy to misplace as it is both extremely light in weight and camouflaged to blend into whatever surrounding it is placed in. It is highly advisable to store an Invisibility Cloak inside a strong cloth or leather bag when not in use, to avoid frustrating misplacement.

An Invisibility Cloak is not intended to be worn for long periods of time, rather used as an aid to secrecy, stealth and disguise. Due to the strength of its illusionary properties, the cloak gives off an aura all of it’s own as well as an increasing burden of fatigue upon the wearer; one that would become too much to bare after 3 straight hours of use.

Upon purchasing this item, you will be handed a full alpha body texture to use.


How to Use

When your character wishes to utilize their Invisibility Cloak you should take note of the following:

  • Ensure your character RPs out covering an item or person they wish to be hidden from sight or shrouding themselves in the cloak, however subtle!
  • If using the cloak personally, then use the MoE HUD and titler to state if your character is wearing an Invisibility Cloak - you may also choose to wear a full alpha layer upon your avatar to give a visual representation, thoughthis is not compulsory. It would be considered poor etiquette to suddenly play the invisibility card if, up until that point, you had made no mention in or out of character of using a cloak.
  • Open an OOC line of communication with anyone who may have reason to sense or see through the cloak’s illusion - attempt to play things out realistically in line with the cloak’s limitations.


Any questions regarding the Cloak of Invisibility and its use, please contact any Mists of Ayr Admin!