Token Cost: 5 Tokenstoken corpse lotus

Amount: 1 gram, single use


Description: Known for its repugnant smell far viler than that of Flowering Death, the Corpse Lotus is a strange, almost foreboding plant - hinting of it’s danger through the death-mask-like pigmentation set within it’s contrasting white petals; symbolic of purification. Originally a native plant of the now lost island of D’vi, a few precious yet deadly blooms were smuggled free of its volcanic lakes prior to its legendary destruction and thus it remains a rare and exotic breed, capable of warding off or even poisoning the Undead; most famously through it’s detestable and repellent smell.


Restriction Level: High - Restricted. (See Controlled Substances Web Page)


Terms & Conditions: As its name infers, the properties of this curious and perilous plant are feared by even the most formidable of Undead creatures, though thankfully for them at least, within Eyr, it is considered rare and even when found also proves dangerous to the handler.

For those lucky enough to claim possession of Corpse Lotus, they are limited to the equivalent of 1 gram in weight for a single use - roughly equivalent to 5 leaves worth or enough to make a single dose poison/potion. This would be enough to potentially destroy or gravely incapacitate one Undead creature or render up to three ‘unconscious’ (consent rules apply).

It should be noted that the Corpse Lotus is a rare and dangerous substance to handle and must be taken to and prepared by a trained apothecary, alchemist or herbalist. Involvement of the Sage Advice apothecary, any of Eyr’s Infirmaries or the Night Cap is compulsory.


How to Use

When your character is ready to hand over their Corpse Lotus to a crafter/business within Eyr the following action should be taken:

  • The object marked 'Corpse Lotus' found within the reward folder should be rezzed in-world.
  • Confirm you wish to 'utilize' the item by clicking 'yes' (if select no, remember to take the object back into your inventory for later use)
  • The object will then expire and self delete, sending email confirmation of IC use to the Eyr admin team for us to log in our token reward records.
  • The Corpse Lotus is considered 'used' and the crafter/business is free to icly create your ordered/requested object (so long as meets the terms and conditions of use)


Resource Guide

General Toxicity: Handling or being exposed to this foul-scented plant can still cause harmful effects to to the living. Unprotected contact can lead to burning and tingling sensations, and ingesting the plant in most forms cause symptoms the same or similar to those of deadly nightshade including fever, dizziness, slurred speech, convulsions and hallucinations though it’s said it’s taste is almost as foul as it’s scent and therefore often induces vomiting. Heavier doses act similarly to nightshade, leading to potential paralysis which could prove fatal if it paralyzes the heart.

Undead Allergy: All undead have an innate weakness to this noxious plant, with the scents it puts out being a warning as to its almost other-worldly toxic potency. Due to its harmful properties, being close to or affected by the Corpse Lotus makes it difficult to gather/maintain the focus necessary to use an Undead gift, severely impacting the use of magic and/or psionics in particular.

Whether fresh or dried, both the leaves and petals of the Corpse Lotus cause a severe reaction when come into contact with undead flesh or bones, literally eroding away at an alarming rate much like acidic rain against limestone. Though this may not cause an undead pain directly in itself, the reaction can quickly limit movement and even claim loss of entire limbs in a matter of minutes if contact endures - particularly deliberating for Liches, Zombies, Wights and other corporeal Undead variants.

For use against the non-corporeal Undead, such as Ghosts, Spectres, and Wraiths, the Corpse Lotus is best used dried, where it can be burned to create dangerous, acrid clouds of noxious smoke that would send even an army of Undead into retreat. Somewhat mysteriously, the toxic nature of this highly dangerous plant enables its essence to be absorbed into the ether, allowing its almost predatory essence to seep into that shared by even the most intangible of spirits, driving them to confusion, distraction, and in the worst case, frenzied insanity.

Scarcity, Harvesting, and Preparation: Much like all Lotus, the Corpse variety first seeds and establishes within water; thus finding it growing wild is almost unheard of within Eyr due to the high concentration of salt in almost all the island’s water. Legend does tell of one successful lotus taking natural seed in a freshwater pool upon the ridges of Azifix, Eyr’s dormant volcano, leading many adventurers and dedicated herbalist to sadly perish in their quest to retrieve just one of it’s rare spawns.

Cultivating Corpse Lotus today is a painstakingly arduous process even when conditions are perfect which requires a pure, preferably volcanic water source and therefore almost all Corpse Lotus that does enter Eyr is imported, and the majority already harvested and dried though the rare flowering bloom has been known to be smuggled in on occasion for a high price and at great risk. Many adventurers and dedicated herbalist have reportedly perished in their quest to find a native strain of Corpse Lotus.

Any questions regarding Corpse Lotus and its use, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!