DragonsbaneToken Cost: 5 Tokens

Amount: 1 gram, single use

Description: This unassuming weed, possessing a thick fern-like stem, prickly leaves and a white puffy head is actually a potent toxic herb. Once thought extinct within Eyr, two samples survive in secret and continue to blossom. While able to cause illness to most any creature, this plant gets its name from the greatly exaggerated effect it holds upon Dragonkin.

Restriction Level: High - Restricted: (See Controlled Substances Web Page)


Terms & Conditions: By its very name, the leaves of this potent plant is feared by even the mightiest of dragons though thankfully for them at least, it is extremely rare and even when found also proves dangerous to the handler.

For those lucky enough to claim possession of Dragonsbane, they are limited to the equivalent of 1 gram in weight for a single use - roughly equivalent to 5 leaves worth or enough to make a single dose poison/potion. This would be enough to potentially kill one adult dragon or render up to three unconscious (consent rules apply)

It should be noted that Dragonsbane is a rare and dangerous substance to handle and must be taken to and prepared by a trained apothecary, alchemist or herbalist. Involvement of the Sage Advice apothecary or a mycologist from the Night Cap is compulsory.


How to Use

When your character is ready to hand over their Dragonsbane to a crafter/business within Eyr the following action should be taken:

  • The object marked 'Dragonsbane' found within the reward folder should be rezzed in-world.
  • Confirm you wish to 'utilize' the item by clicking 'yes' (if select no, remember to take the object back into your inventory for later use)
  • The object will then expire and self delete, sending email confirmation of IC use to the Eyr admin team for us to log in our token reward records.
  • The Dragonsbane is considered 'used' and the crafter/business is free to icly create your ordered/requested object (so long as meets the terms and conditions of use)


Resource Guide

General Toxicity: It would take quite a powerful poison to fell a dragon and this is no exception. Even to those not of dragonkind, this plant possesses very harmful toxins in its stems and leaves. Contact causes sensations of burning and tingling whilst consumption first manifests with numbness in the mouth, face and burning in the abdomen. Larger doses typically produce motor weakness and tingling numbness spreading to the limbs. In all cases, other symptoms such as sweating, dizziness, difficulty breathing, headache and confusion usually occur.

Draconic Allergy: Dragons, regardless of any resistance to poisonings, have an innate weakness to the secretions of this plant. The scents and pollens put out by the plant is enough to cause dragons unease whilst closeness to the source brings forth sinus congestion and a dry throat that can make speech, roaring and even utilizing a breath weapon difficult. Further exposure to this plant also causes its regular symptoms to affect Dragonkind to an amplified degree. For example, they may experience startling pain and muscle weakness as well as temporary limb paralysis instead of minor burning/tingling and numbness. Dragons may also experience further dulled senses and a drain on their concentration preventing them from being able to shapeshift.

Scarcity, Harvesting, and Preparation: Dragonsbane is one of the slowest-growing plants in Eyr, taking decades to mature much like one would expect of a dragon. If both of the last-living plants in Eyr were to be harvested, dried and prepared, there would remain only ⅛th of an ounce of usable Dragonsbane toxin. In order to avoid killing the last two remaining plants, a clever herbalist would know that only the tiniest cuttings could be taken for harvesting. Given the scarcity of such a deadly toxin, on the rare occasion it is used in warfare it is best used in concoction of greater poisons or potions.


Any questions regarding Dragonsbane and its use, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!