Token Cost: 5 Tokens


Amount: 1 Glowstone Amulet


Description: Should an adventurer, miner or treasure hunter survive the chasms of Eyr’s deepest, darkest caverns, they may just stumble across the rare and mysterious Glowstone. Revered for their outward beauty, and sought out for their mysterious ability to absorb and negate magical effect, the Glowstone has become a precious and near priceless natural wonder within the Mysts. Due to their rarity and the difficulty in mining them, Glowstones tend only to be found in the hands of specific crafters and die-hard artifact hunters rather than general spelunkers.

WIthin Eyr, the most common use of a Glowstone is the creation of a Glowstone Amulet, a talisman painstakingly woven from jungle leaves, flexible twigs, and vines that frame the Glowstone at it’s heart. Far more than an envious piece of statement jewellery, the Glowstone Amulet offers opportunity to protect its keeper from magical harm - albeit somewhat unreliably.

Should the wearer be targeted by a spell, the stone will begin to hum and vibrate as it attempts to veer that energy off course. Similar to a magnetic force, if the Glowstone is successful in capturing the cast energy, a bright light is emitted from within the stone as it absorbs the spell entirely.


Terms & Conditions: The amulet is not particularly heavy to carry and can easily be concealed within a bag, pouch or pocket for safekeeping. However, in order to activate, an amulet must be worn about the neck, close to the heart (or cavity if without one!)

Whilst the Glowstones magical properties act as a defence against targeted spells, in the field, the stone proves largely unreliable. Typically only 20% of spells are absorbed by the stone and succeed in safeguarding its owner from harm. Unfortunately, 80% of the time, a cast spell will prove successful, leaving the Glowstone nothing more than a humming, glowing piece of jewellery that may remain warm to the touch until removed.

Whilst a Glowstone can be destroyed, it is extremely durable and would realistically take a severe blow, strong magic or powerful pressure to cause enough damage to shatter. Should a Glowstone be significantly damaged or cracked, it cannot be re-cut or fused back together and will begin to seep it’s magical essence until none remains and all the owner is left with is a fragmented gemstone that has lost all of it’s glow.

A Glowstone Amulet is not intended to be worn for long periods of time, rather used as a secondary shield or potential failsafe against spell damage. Due to its innate magical properties, the Glowstone gives off an aura all of it’s own as well as an increasing burden of fatigue upon the wearer; one that would become too much to bare after approximately 3 hours, after which the amulet would need to be removed and stored away safely to let the owner recover.

As with all magical items and enchantments, the Glowstone Amulet will need regular upkeep from one qualified - ideally the Crone’s Eye would serve well to ensure any stone maintains its magical strength.

Upon purchasing this item, you will receive an exclusive Glowstone Amulet made by Stormwood.


How to Use

  • When your character wishes to utilize their Glowstone Amulet you should take note of the following:
    Use the MoE HUD and titler to state if your character is wearing a their amulet - you may also choose to wear a prim amulet/necklace upon your avatar to give a visual representation, though this is not compulsory. It would be considered poor etiquette to suddenly bring the amulet into play if, up until that point, you had made no mention in or out of character of your character wearing one.
  • Should your character become the target of any officially cast spell, roll the Mysts of Eyr official dice (found on your HUD) If you roll an 80 or above, then the spell’s energy is successfully absorbed by the amulet, protecting its wearer and negating the intended hit. Roll 79 or less and the amulet fails to absorb, meaning the spell may prove successful (depending upon OOC consent)


Resource Guide: As its name suggests, the Glowstone is a mysterious, crystalised gemstone typically the size of a large walnut. With many facets and as glossy as highly polished glass, Glowstones can vary in color but those discovered are generally within the green-blue spectrum.

Thought to exist only within the hidden caves upon the far western shores of Eyr, Glowstones are amongst some of the rarest precious stones in all of the Mysts. Though remains unproven theory, it is thought that Glowstones first originated when an underwater volcano erupted, moulded inside the air pockets that form when low density magma meets higher pressure at such depths, only to be forced upward through vents and fissures within the seabed, where they then cool rapidly as meet the colder water.

Native legend suggests it was Yue herself who gave the Glowstones their magical essence; her tempestuous mood tempered by their beauty, that which invited her to wear them in proud display upon her person, and in doing so, ignited a spark of magic within each. However, due to her possessive nature and not wishing to share these newfound gems with her sister, Ame, Yue hid the stones in the deepest underwater caves she could find. As the centuries passed, Yue’s fickle attentions turned elsewhere and her stones were forgotten. As the island began to take shape, the sea level receded enough that the once waterlogged caves settled upon higher ground and dried out, leaving the stones entombed in solid rock for many centuries more.

If not for the ever present eerie gleam that denotes their name, Glowstones may never have been discovered at all, for was only by this soft light in the dark depths that the first cave adventurers came to find and covet them for their eerie beauty. As yet, no clear research has taken place to try and understand the Glowstones low success rate against absorbing spells, but it has been suggested the reason relates to Yue’s abandoning of the stones and thus, the inevitable waning of her magical influence.


Any questions regarding the Glowstone Amulet and its use, please contact any Mists of Ayr Admin!