IronwoodToken Cost: 3 Tokens

Amount: 1 kg plank

Description: Deep in the southern jungles of Eyr, the rare Ironwood Trees grow in small and scattered clusters. Ironwood is a dark brown wood with grains that are dense and tightly packed into sweeping curves; these make Ironwood hard yet lightweight.

Harvesting Ironwood, if able, is only slightly more difficult than normal wood. However, shaping the Ironwood into the desired shape requires the utmost haste. When Ironwood is separated from the tree, it immediately begins to harden. After a day, it becomes as hard as iron, and cannot be shaped using regular techniques for wood.

Restriction Level: Moderate. (See Controlled Substances Web Page)


Terms & Conditions: As a token reward, Ironwood is limited to provision of a 1kg plank - roughly equivalent to size of a standard shield. Examples of use include yet are not limited to:

  • Craft body armour (sandwich board style - front & back)
  • Craft leg & arm guards
  • Craft a standard sized shield
  • Craft a short wooden sword or twin daggers
  • Craft a wooden bow
  • Craft 10 wooden arrows (shaft & arrowheads)

Given the special craftsmanship of working with Ironwood, it is compulsory that any such weapon or object created must be completed by a knowledgeable Blacksmith at the Molten Crucible or Crafter at the Stormstead docks immediately upon possession (due to hardening) and will need regular, specialised upkeep.


How to Use

When your character is ready to hand over their Ironwood to a crafter/business within Eyr the following actions should be taken:

  • Rez the Token Object in-world (it should be listed as "MoE Token - Ironwood - [Your Name]".
  • Confirm you wish to 'utilize' the item by clicking 'yes' (if select no, remember to take the object back into your inventory for later use).
  • The object will then expire and self delete, sending email confirmation of IC use to the Eyr admin team for us to log in our token reward records.
  • The Ironwood is considered 'used' and the crafter/business is free to icly create your ordered/requested object (so long as meets the terms and conditions of use)


Resource Guide

As its name suggests, the native Ironwood is the jungle’s answer to steel. Sourced from some of the rarest trees to grow in the southern rainforests of Eyr, the jungle inhabitants revere the Ironwood trees as if they were embodiments of the gods themselves. It is most likely due to this most respectful reverence that very few seekers of Ironwood are granted permission to take bark from its branches, let alone to cut down a tree entirely which would be a rare permission indeed. Such are their scarcity and status that it is said the trees are appointed oath-sworn guardians to ensure their preservation and that no tree is targeted by those who would seek to steal its bark or glue-like sap.

For the lucky few that are given permission to harvest or who successfully manage to steal bark from an Ironwood tree, a short window of opportunity exists to quickly craft for intended use before the natural fibres of the bark begin to harden. The inurement process takes little more than a day on average, giving only a short time of suppleness for crafting the Ironwood into the desired item - the knowhow for such a process is a rare art as relies on non-heating methods, given Ironwood will burn like any other wood. However what is lost in pliability is gained in strength and durability, all with the benefit of lightness in weight; making Ironwood armor and weapons ideal for natives and those that call the jungle their home. It is said that Moei elders of decades past have bestowed upon their elderly or retired guardians, Ironwood blades as a symbol of what is to be kept sacred and not abused for glory or gain. It is assumed this tradition ceased when the number of Ironwood trees dwindled ever more scarce.

Crafted Ironwood requires specialist upkeep; often a jungle-made sap-varnish is applied to help seal the inevitable nicks and cracks that will appear over time and just like any other wood, Ironwood can succumb to rot, fire, or termite damage.


Any questions regarding Ironwood and its use, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!