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Token Cost: 1 Token

Amount: One prim, single Magic Scroll. Copyable, infinite use (Works only within Eyr). No mod, no trans.

Description: Want to deliver unlimited messages in a highly private and secure manner to any specific person anywhere in the realm without the use of a courier? Then the magic scroll is for you! Each scroll written will magically appear in a place of your choosing for its addressee to find. Should it be picked up by one unintended, it shall prove indecipherable to them and your message is safe! (metagaming policies apply). This is a physical, scripted item. It is a scroll which you can rezz and leave anywhere for the recipient to find, such as their front door, their place of work, their desk, or - if they have no address - in a place they are most likely to discover it (an area they are likely to visit). Through a simple dialog script menu the scroll can be assigned to one specific player, a notecard is dropped inside of it, and only that person may pick up the note-card. Once it's picked up, the prim scroll self-destructs. If your character needs a way to get sneaky messages to a recipient, guaranteed to never be readable by anyone else, this is the item for you!


Terms & Conditions: When rezzed within the Mysts of Eyr sim, the Magic Scroll will deliver a notecard to a specific recipient. Only they can pick up the message, anyone else will see a simple indecipherable scroll with glowing runes. The Magic Scroll can initially be collected from the Crone’s Eye.

The scroll is not transferable and not meant for couriers; rather this special scroll is a way of getting an intended message secretly to a recipient so that no other eyes will see it. Once the recipient has picked up their message, the prim will auto-delete meaning there is no mess left in sim!

If someone clicks the scroll, and it's not set for them, they get a message saying the scroll is indecipherable and the sim remains in place until collected by the intended recipient.


How to Use

  • Rezz your scroll on sim
  • Click the scroll
  • Click ‘Set Target’ to set the target recipient (this is the person you want to receive the note-card). Ensure you use the correct username, spelled properly.
  • Drag your notecard (full perm) onto the prim.
  • The script will repeat the recipient's name and the notecard name and ask if all is correct.
  • Click ‘Correct’ and you are all set!
  • Move this prim into position (on a counter top, on a shelf, by a door, a secret hiding place etc) where your recipient will ICly notice it.


Any questions regarding the Magic Scroll and its use, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!