Token Page 10 3Token Cost: 10 Tokens

Amount: 1 Approved Race Change


Description: A one-time opportunity for your character to change their race but maintain their identity! This is a permanent IC race change that offers a fresh opportunity to explore a completely new avenue of adventure (or misfortune!) for your character, whether the change comes through IC choice and preparation, long-term consequence or complete surprise. It just has to make sense!


Terms & Conditions:

  • Any approved race is permitted, however the manner of the change MUST be plausible. Therefore the intended change and accompanying story must be given the Admin green-light prior to being brought into play.
  • All race changes MUST be role-played out. This may be through magic, phenomena, granted wish or other plausible means but the process must be followed through IC. There can be no ‘instant’ switch and a plausible recovery time is expected for your character. The admin team can advise on how to achieve this.
  • Character race changes that work within the DemonVampire Wolf-kin, or Undead standards; or within the appropriate lore and appropriate process for becoming a Siren or Faetouched do NOT require buying the Race Change Token Reward. Standard Agreement forms must still be filled out where applicable.
  • Token purchase and can be roleplayed out through appropriate means, dictated by applicable lore.
  • Upon approval, you must sign the relevant Standard Agreement Form IF you have chosen to change into a Dragon, Bastet, Celestial, or any other race that requires a standard application.
  • A race change is considered permanent and there can be no reversal unless another race change token purchase is made AND the storyline is approved.
  • Your character is able to retain their memory, knowledge and any learned skills from their previous incarnation, however any skills that are usually associated with their new race would plausibly have to be learned and any racial weaknesses adapted to over time. In many ways, changing race is like being reborn and having to learn how to cope in a new form from scratch.


Any questions regarding Race Changes, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!