sapientPearwoodToken Cost: 4 Tokens

Amount: 500 grams, untampered

Description: Eyr’s nod to the beloved and world-renowned fantasy writer, Terry Pratchett. For fans who read the Discworld series, you will know that Witch’s Yew is a magical substance that will follow its owner through time and space, through planes and into the afterlife - no matter what. Not a bad idea for a phylactery... or a vessel for anything which you don't wish to lose. Witch’s Yew, when separated from its owner, will sprout dozens of little feet and will go trundling after its owner across any time/space barrier and eventually will reach them. Witch’s Yew does not travel any faster than a human on foot would; instantaneous summonings of your yew item are not permitted.

Restriction Level: High - Restricted: (See Controlled Substances Web Page)


Terms & Conditions: As a token reward, Witch’s Yew is limited to provision of 500 grams, un-tampered - roughly equivalent to the size of a pool ball. Some good examples of use include, yet are not limited to:

  • Craft a small trinket box (pocket sized)
  • Carve a wand or staff-head
  • Create a ‘wooden eye’
  • Carve a piece of wooden jewelery or amulet
  • Carve a wooden pipe

Special Note: It is compulsory that any crafted items are handled ICly by one of Eyr’s official businesses by characters who are trained to do so. Given it's magical nature, upkeep of any item crafted from Witch’s Yew would need to be handled by the Crone’s Eye.


How to Use

When your character is ready to hand over their Yew to a crafter/business within Eyr the following action should be taken -

  • The object marked 'Witch's Yew' found within the reward folder should be rezzed in-world.
  • Confirm you wish to 'utilize' the item by clicking 'yes' (if select no, remember to take the object back into your inventory for later use)
  • The object will then expire and self delete, sending email confirmation of IC use to the Eyr admin team for us to log in our token reward records.
  • The Yew is considered 'used' and the crafter/business is free to icly create your ordered/requested object (so long as meets the terms and conditions of use)


Resource Guide
The rare Witch’s Yew tree grows only in areas highly saturated in magic and some Mystfolk consider it alive and a creature unto itself. It is rumoured that only a single tree exists within Eyr and that its guardians have it greatly protected.

Magical Resistance: Objects made of Witch’s Yew possess a natural resistance against external magical effects, primarily due to growing and thriving in an already magically saturated environment. Most magical energies are rendered completely ineffective against such objects, though this also results in making it nearly impossible to enchant an item made of this wood.

Physical Resistance: As a result of the environment within which the wood grows, there exists a heightened durability to physical attempts to break or alter its shape. It is said to be stronger than any wood in a mortal forest - one can compare the durability of an item made of Witch’s Yew to something made of hardened steel.

Sentience: Witch’s Yew possess a vague intelligence to it; insomuch that each and any ‘piece’ or object made from this wood develops an almost personality separate from the parenting tree - which in itself has a fae-like mentality to its behaviour. This allows articles shaped from Witch’s Yew to recognize an ‘owner’ towards whom it becomes very attached and protective of. Objects crafted from Yew may magically follow their owners everywhere and come when called/summoned no matter what distance or obstacles separate them. This could be in the form of magical teleportation, intelligently navigating a maze or even not-so-subtly smashing straight through walls. This sentience also leads to difficulty towards an object's owner, with the Witch’s Yew object being difficult to control and temperamental when agitated.


Any questions regarding Witch’s Yew and its use, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!