Token Cost: 3 TokensDice Bonus 5


Amount: 1 x +5 skill-bound dice bonus


Description: Are you tired of coming second best in dice combat? Are you one of those people whom the dice seem to frown upon? Would you like to increase your odds with a potential edge over your opponents? Would you trade some tokens for the upper hand when taking on lady luck? Well now you can!

Exclusively purchase a permanent ‘+5’ bonus for your dice rolls and increase your odds in gaining the upper hand. Pre-selected to apply to a specific, chosen skillset, Eyr skill dice bonuses become a permanent, tailored perk in your character’s arsenal and can be officially used any time you roll a dice during roleplay.

+5 dice roll, capped at +10 per skillset, capped at +20 per player in the following skills:

  • Combat - Defense (to include block, dodge, evade, shield-skills)
  • Combat - Brawling (to include hand to hand combat, wrestling, martial arts)
  • Combat - Melee Weapon (to include blades, hammers, clubs, frying pans and all other non-ranged wieldable weapons)
  • Combat - Ranged Weapon (to include bows, throwing daggers, spears, bolas, darts, nets, bottles and all other ranged weapons)
  • Magic - Abjuration (spells that protect, block, or banish)
  • Magic - Conjuration (spells that bring creatures or materials to the caster, e.g. summoning)
  • Magic - Divination (spells that reveal information, e.g. scrying)
  • Magic - Enchantment (spells that affect the minds of others)
  • Magic - Evocation (spells that manipulate energy or create something from thin air)
  • Magic - Illusion (spells that alter perception or create false images, e.g. glamor)
  • Magic - Necromancy (spells that manipulate, create, or destroy life or life force)
  • Magic - Transmutation (spells that transform a target physically or change its properties in a subtle way)
  • Misc - Mental Fortitude (mental resistance to psionic, magical or substance abuse)
  • Misc - Lockpicking (may be applied to magical and practical methods of infiltration, includes safe-breaking)
  • Misc - Pickpocketing (to include and minor larceny related skills)
  • Misc - Psionics (to include telepathy, empathy, telekinesis, clairvoyency)
  • Misc - Stealth (to include non-magical sneak, disguise, subterfuge)
  • Misc - Crafting (may apply to any permitted practical skill. Includes apothecary, smithing, fletching, alchemy, and non magical healing)


Terms & Conditions:

  • Selection Limitation: You must lock down your bonus points to a specific skillset(s) upon token spend request; choosing from the official list. If the skillset you want is not listed, you can submit a request to the admin team for consideration.
  • Make It Known: Any and all dice bonuses attached to a character must be advertised on a picks tab of your Second Life profile.
  • Manually Add: Mysts of Eyr dice will not automatically add dice bonuses to the sum of a roll. Before rolling, a player must note their appropirate dice bonus. If their bonus is tied to a skillset, they must also note the skillset applied.
  • Purchase Limit: 4 x +5 Skill Dice Bonus Sets (total of +20 points purchased).
  • Skill Cap: You can apply no more than 10 bonus points to a skill. If you purchased all 20 skill points you would have to spread them out between at least two skills.
    • Examples:
      • Purchase four of the Skill Dice Bonus Sets (total of +20) - and apply each +5 to four different skillsets:
        • Abjuration +5
        • Illusion +5
        • Ranged Weapon +5
        • Stealth +5
      • Purchase four of the Skill Dice Bonus sets and apply a maximum of +10 to two specific skillsets:
        • Psionics +10
        • Melee Weapon +10


How to Use

  • For each purchase you will receive a scripted prim marked 'Skill Dice Bonus' inside your reward folder. The prim is scripted to represent the permanent bonus in the hover-text format {Name/Skill/+5} or {Name/Skill/+10} if chosen to spend more tokens to cap your skill at +10. It should be worn on your avatar whenever you intend to use your dice bonus(es).
  • When you are using your bonus, you must clarify in your post (parenthesis) which skill you are using so that players know to add the dice roll:
    Example: “Blanche closed her eyes and reached out with her mind to see if she could establish a link with…” {+5 Skill Dice Bonus: Psionics}

All general Mysts of Eyr rules and etiquette guidelines must be followed at all times. Abuse or consistent mis-use of token dice bonuses may result in bonuses being withdrawn.


Any questions regarding Dice Bonuses, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!