token soulstoneToken Cost: 10 Tokens

Amount: 1 Soulstone, single use


Description: Jungle life is naturally fraught with risk and danger, and so understandably, the rate of mortality weighs heavily upon the minds of many who reside within its borders, no matter their age, background or skillset. Though the high concentration of necromantic energies seething throughout the island offer chance of existence that rejects the ‘usual’ afterlife, there is a way to avoid the path of lichdom, mummification or any other supernatural compromise. Introducing the Soulstone - Your answer to premature extinction and the worry of spiralling funeral costs!


Terms & Conditions: Used as a method of resurrection, a Soulstone may be utilized to contain the soul of it’s owner. Upon possession, a quest is involved to imbue a stone with the proper magical enchantment to contain a chosen soul. A precise ritual must be performed similar to that of achieving lichdom, without the costly side effect of decay - a process that involves binding one’s soul to the stone itself, enabling a viable link to one’s spirit should misfortune claim their physical body. If bound successfully, a Soulstone provides a one-time ‘quick turnaround’ to reunite body and soul and negates the need for a costly and dangerous resurrection ritual postmortem, should tragedy strike in the near future.

A legitimate Soulstone comes pre-enchanted with all that is necessary to reverse death, however upon acquiring, a ‘binding ritual’ must take place to fuse the intended soul into its keeping. This can be conducted and performed by the owner of the Soulstone or any trusted character but must follow the guidelines as outlined by Year's ‘Soulstone Binding Ritual’ - an instruction scroll available ICly from the Crone’s Eye.


How to Use

A purchased Soulstone should be first ICly collect from the Magic Shop. To be bound one's soul to a soulstone, three drops of blood are required to drip upon it.

Once complete, the Soulstone is bound to the soul designated by blood and should remain in the player’s possession at all times. Should the Soulstone be stolen or removed from its owners keeping, spiritual detachment begins to occur. This is the result of a soul being too far separated from the body, causing stress and vulnerability of the conscience, and potentially leading to long-term emotional and spiritual damage.

Should the tragedy of an early or unintended death come to pass, the Soulstone will shatter. The will soul to break free of it’s bind and return to it’s owner, reigniting the spark of life within their corpse in doing so.

Once used, the Soulstone is deemed expired and it’s shattered remains must be quickly disposed of as safely as possible. It cannot be reforged, re-enchanted or used again.


Resurrection Costs: Any form of resurrection, including use of a Soulstone, brings certain risks and costs that should be included in roleplay when a Soulstone is used.

  • Corruption - Given the unnatural and unsettling balance of resurrection, it is an accepted phenomenon that a certain darkness is associated with the matter of dying and returning. Depending upon the manner in which a character dies, there is always a risk of one’s spirit carrying a taint of corruption when a soul is reconnected with their body. This should not be confused with demonic taint, as instead revolves around the toll taken upon an individual’s ‘inner peace’ when their spirit is called to return to their body instead of passing into the Umbra and beyond. This can lead to a gradual breeding of chaos within one's nature, a change of general mood, moral or the method in which they take approach to their second stint in life.
  • Physical Deformity - If your character suffered grave wounds in the manner of their death, such as a missing limb, a missing eye, or exceptionally deep scars, it is possible these imperfections could remain upon one’s resurrected form. Supernatural injuries and those caused by strong magic or divine energies can particularly reduce the odds of returning to a flawless body and may result in needing long-term healing treatment once fully recovered from the resurrection itself. Secondarily, the art of resurrection is seldom precise and therefore, it is not uncommon for small physical abnormalities to occur, even when using a Soulstone. These generally tend to take non-drastic forms, but may result in a change of coloring to hair, eyes or skin or even more subtle, a slight change in one’s voice or the way they move.
  • Hunger and Fatigue - Resurrection, even via a Soulstone does not bring with it a quick fix to recovery. Returning a soul to it’s body and reigniting the spark of life takes it’s toll, and therefore demands a significant period of recovery time during which the body will require an increase in the amount of food and drink taken in, as well as a long stint of general rest and recuperation in order to recover from the trauma that is Death.


Any questions regarding the Soulstone and its use, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!