token void sphereToken Cost: 3 Tokens


Amount: 1 Void Glass sphere, one time use only


Description: A small orb of reinforced glass exclusively produced by The Crone’s Eye that can be set into jewellery, weaponry or kept hidden upon one’s person that has been warded through an ancient shadow-weaving ritual which manipulates energy from the Void itself. No bigger than an oversized marble, the sphere can magically absorb within itself either a small object, liquid or a less tangible thing such as a memory, emotion or even a soul. Though each orb can only be used once, it keeps whatever it holds within safe not only from harm but also from time itself, freezing the aging process and keeping its contents in a state of perpetual perfection, as fresh or new as the day it was sealed, until magically removed. Only then will the glass crack, splinter and have to be safely disposed of, never to be used again.


Terms & Conditions: Void Glass is a Crone’s Eye exclusive creation and therefore can only be sourced from the magic shoppe within Eyr. It forms a perfect sphere in shape, weighing roughly 500g and the approximate size of a tennis ball. 

Examples of what can be safely kept within a Void Glass sphere:

Objects: No bigger than a golf ball

  • Flower head (e.g. small rose)
  • Small key
  • Eyeball
  • Small precious stone or crystal
  • Small, rolled up scroll

Liquids: Limited to max. 25 fluid oz- enough for a single dose/large gulp

  • Blood
  • Poison
  • Potion
  • Liquor
  • Water (excluding Holy/Blessed)

Other: Less tangible possessions in single capacity (i.e. one song)

  • Soul
  • Memory
  • Scent
  • Sound
  • Emotion

Void glass is unlike standard glass, appearing as a mesh of dark strands of shadow interwoven like a web much like a lacquer. Any object held within can still be seen as if through frosted glass and a dim eerie glow emanates from the sphere at all times, only concealable by black silk.


How to Use

It should be noted that the creation of Void Glass is a dangerous craft that only few have the necessary skill and knowledge to produce a viable sphere, therefore it is considered rare to obtain and should be ICly sourced via the Crone’s Eye (though if chosen as a token reward does not require questing to legally obtain). Once procured, a single sphere can be carried upon one’s person in a bag, pocket or attached to a belt or strap.

When the owner chooses something to keep safe within the sphere, they must make tribute of a single drop of their own blood against the glass - this will allow magical absorption of the chosen content and re-seal the ward around the sphere. The content stored within is now deemed ‘safe’ for unlimited time-period whilst the glass sphere remains intact.

To remove its contents securely, the glass must once again, be offered a single drop of blood, allowing whatever was kept within to be released. After use, the Void Glass will shatter and need to be disposed of safely - this can be done at the Crone’s Eye or by placing the shards in a ritual area (e.g. the Stone Circle or cast into the Void itself). Fail to do so and you may find yourself followed by shadow that affects mood and sleep.



  • Resistance to harm: The outer shrouding of woven shadow grants the contents warded strength against breakage/damage. Striking with a weapon or hard object or dropping, even from an extreme height would not even cause scratch or splinter.
  • Time Immunity: Any object/liquid within would be protected from the drain of Time, keeping it as fresh or 'new' as the moment it was sealed within. E.g. a rose head would maintain its perfect petals, metal would not rust, paper would not age or fade, blood would stay as warm and potent as the moment it was first spilled.
  • Unique Hoarding: Void Glass can capture and keep safe less 'tangible' things within such as sounds, scents, even souls and emotions. (with OOC consent)
  • Slow Time: The holder of the Void Glass -may- find their own resistance to the ravages of time is increased.
  • Oracle Whisper: Whether empty or full, Void Glass can be used in divination spells (ie scrying), particularly of a darker nature/intent and/or to track down areas rich in negative energy.



  • Strong holy OR unholy magic can break through the ward if directed specifically at the object with intent to do so and cast successfully. Magically imbued weapons may also break the ward if appropriate.
  • Given the shadow basis creation, holy water may also cause cracks in Void Glass though would need submerging for minimum one hour rather than simply splashed upon. Hellfire may also be able to shatter.
  • Once opened or unsealed, any object contained within shall stay pristine and suspended in time for up to an hour only before time will begin to catch up, often at an increased speed (eg a rose may wither and shed its petals within a few hours, and blood would grow cold in matter of minutes).


Any questions regarding Void Glass and its use, please contact any Mysts of Eyr Admin!